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Wonder Woman test shot

May delete this after I get better pictures but I took a test shot last night after trying on the full Wonder Woman costume I made. I was going to sell it but the person backed out of buying it and I decided to at least wear it once and get some nice pictures with photographers. I actually made this right before the blasphemous "new" design of her costume came out. ha ha.
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You aced the test.
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Optimus Prime approves.
(noticing the transformers on your dresser :D ))
chainclaw1976's avatar
I just noticed that too. Very cool!
Chuck-Bauman's avatar
Excellent. Costume, figure, pose, etc! Great job. Better camera, yes but everything else is superb!!!
VictorHugo's avatar
Amazing likeness and uniform!
Spikex1's avatar
Oooh! Masterpiece Megs and Optimus!
nicholi333's avatar
wow! if i wasnt so sure my grilfriend would see this i would say that i am in LOVE!!!!!!
Megatron and Optimus Prime? LOL! :)
Aoibhe's avatar
You make all components yourself? Amazing ^^
HavokSCO's avatar
You look stunning as every superheroine....I think I spelt that right haha.
PowerPuffPastry's avatar
You MADE this costume??? This is amazing! How did you make it?
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Awesome job on it!
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Keep up the great work. You have found something you are the best at. Your friends support you too, that always helps. Can't wait to see what character is next. Minnie Mouse would be cool.
lenlenlen1's avatar
The NEW costume is unnecessary. This is the classic. Thanks for bringing it to life!
karloxxx's avatar
wow, sexy body my girl !!!
thelearningcurv's avatar
o might have to use this as inspiration for my WWDay drawing=]
Balathil's avatar
wonderwoman crush???...well i think I got it :P
gforrydesign's avatar
I'm not sure you quite have her height but everything else looks excellent.... great work! ; )
PhantomTroublemaker's avatar
Good lord I hope nobody's wearing the new one at Dragon*Con. Blech.
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