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Wonder Woman 8

Another shot of my WW costume I found recently. yay. :) Costume made by myself. Everyone always wants to know what the metallic parts are. It's a mirrored poster material from craft stores. I back it with foam sheets to give it extra strength.
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That Wonder Woman costume looks gorgeous on you.
I suddenly feel like doing something naughty. You might have to arrest me with that lasso of yours... ;)
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I'm trying to pull together a WW costume and I have a did you pull off the top? Is it a corset? Did you sew it or buy it and if so, where?

Sorry, it's just proving very difficult to cosplay Wonder Woman.
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Fantastic you really nailed it made her look the best ive ever seen Great Great Job!!
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WOWnder Woman!!!
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Great pictures!! Awesome attitude! Thank you.
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Wooaaah!! You should try to audition for Her role! You look awesome to be the new wonder woman! :woohoo:
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great outfit!! WW please save me!!
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wonder woman never look better !

Amazing my dear Alisakiss!
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Love it!!! your hairs looks good, the suit looks good, the pose is a classic, and you're gorgeous looking lady!! It's the whole WW package there!! What con is that?
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You are definitely a beautiful Wonder Woman...and quite the pro with all your costumes! ( I love your Animated SuperGirl outfit too!) :)
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You make a beautiful Wonder Woman and the costume is very authentic in design and the colors are vibrant in realism:heart:
You are beautiful in anything you wear:love:
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She´s looking good.
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Awesome work! I've always said that you're only limited by your imagination. That was a great utilization of the poster board. Keep up the good work!

Hey! Do you ever do any modeling?
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That's a great picture and an awesome costume! I like the level of detail and work that you put into it, and it actually looks better than the "professionally" made costume for the upcoming WW t.v. series. Excellent work!
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Nice costume.

Now for my snide remark. The TV show coming out ought to hire you. Your con costume is hundreds of times better looking than theirs.
Boyann's avatar
How come you're not The WonderWoman in the new series but that PhotoShopped klutzella? Your WW costume design is to die for..! And they went for the cheapo coloured toilet paper and glitzy junk as the top TV show heroine outfit..?!? Where are those producers' brains?????
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Wow beautiful outfit
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you have a nice body girly ^_^ epic costume btw
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