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Wonder Woman 6

Another Wonder Woman shot by Michael Iacca that turned out nice. Costume by me.
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always have to do the iconic pose

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Now that's Wonderful!
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...It is a wonder that you can stand in those.
do you sell the accessories including breastplate?
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excellent costume! My god, what did the boots cost?
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The best cosplay of Wonder-Woman then I ever see!!! Perfect! =D
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Thank you for sharing your lovely art, it's featured on my dA journal! [link]
Happy Independence Day!
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This is one of the best and most accurate wonder woman cosplays I have seen..well done :}
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I think I'm going to pass out. :iconicamecombinedplz:
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Great cosplay and sexy too! I'm ready to fight against her. *g*
Great Costume awesome Shot but you really Pulled it off babe!!
5 of us needs costumes, contact me please
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so strong n triumphant :)
and great looking too :)
Found this by lucky accident, teriffic job. You really look the part !
The bracelets are cool. How did you make them? Are they hard to make?
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I am tempted to do evil deeds now, just so I'll have to pay for them :)
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Very Beautiful Wonder Woman
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Holy shit! -- I am blown-away by the costume you looks flawless! -- Great photo too!
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she is hot as hell
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