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Wonder Girls

Cynthia and I as Wonder Girl and Wonder Girl at Dragon*con 2011. I like this photo a lot
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Cassie AND Donna?  Working together?  The bad guys are toast.
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love it. you look amazing
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Wonderful Wonder Girls! ;) Both of you got the looks just... wonderful! :D ;) :XD:

I was about to say "great", but that wouldn't have made you justice, right? :) :XD: :rofl:
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WOW!!! Together look wonderful!!!
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simply adorable sweethearts :woohoo:
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Cool pic. Cynthia really looks like the "Wonder Girl" I enjoyed in "The New Teen Titans".:)
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" I like this photo a lot"
So do I :)
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Does she have a DA account?
Cool! You both look so hawt!
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Very cool combo!
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are you gonna make a "New 52" Supergirl costume??? cause that would be soo cool. I love your work and Supergirl is my favorite. <3
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Legal, curti muito.
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Wonderful work on both costumes. You two really did great!

Sorry I wasn't there at DragonCon to see you in person. Hoping to do so sometime in the future, since I'd love to get a picture of you in your Black Cat or Red Sonja outfits.

Thanks again for sharing!

-- Stephen
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Yes, it's a great photo! You both look amazing. You just do one excellent cosplay after another, Alisa :D Congrats!
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You both look pretty badass here. haha
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Wow... the determination on your face... woah...
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we were kickin ass and chewing gum. hehe
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