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Wonder Girl Catwoman Supergirl

Posing with local costuming friends on Free Comic Book Day, May 1, 2010.
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plugaruseby's avatar
I'll take the one on the right tnx ^^v
tanowa's avatar
I'm feeling bad tonight!!!! lol
kyubiman's avatar
I believe yours is the best of the three. The rope and braces are a nice touch.
Lobo7922's avatar
Ok, I want to be a villain now XD
sidneymt's avatar
You 3 are amazing. But Catwoman "steals" my attention.

Can you find superman on this picture? ^^
AlisaKiss's avatar
heehee. I didn't notice our dear Superman lurking back there before. good eye ^_^
cloudwarrior75's avatar
you guys look like you had a great FCBD ^^
Blaaderunner's avatar
Forgive my Kirk-like boldness, but would you and the other ladies care to go back to my mom's place and watch 'Dr. Who' with me?
Deathlynx69's avatar
Woohoo! Did you make out like a bandit at FCBD?
Gorgeous work to all of you...
Wow, wow, and wow! All 3 of you look just great! This oughtta attract attention to free Comic Book Day!
Michael-18's avatar
O.O oh. my. That is a lovely trio of superbly costumed ladies! Well done all around!
AllPat's avatar
I love you Alisia!!:love::heart::kiss:
the504kid's avatar
this is a great photo. i love it
cunaka's avatar
supergirl's boobs are really super! :D
digiharrison's avatar
I'll say! That model pulls it off good!
eccentricass's avatar
Ill drink to that!
cunaka's avatar
he he, I would love to taste :D
Taraakian's avatar
All very well done. I believe you're the star though!
TewiBewi's avatar
LOVE this one! :D
Gorgeous photo. All three of ya are stunning and fit the roles well. :D
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