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Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl at Megacon 2013 in Orlando. Costume by me. Photo by Abhinav Mishra
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Pretty cute
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Someone tell Hollywood that we found WONDER GIRL! (They'll never  listen)
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Possibly the best Wonder Girl cosplay over ever seen. Fantastic work!
reptileye's avatar
Ready to be tied up, nice :lick:
elementgirl-Josy's avatar
yeah great
you look awesome
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Ah Wonder Girl, she's my favorite member of the Young Justice team
Camekosaltillense's avatar
I believe make in love or not right the grammar. I need more practice write in english. In conclussion you are beatiful girl.
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So, the lasso makes you tell the truth?? 'Cause truthfully, you look HOT!!
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I am wondering if you have thought of doing an armored Wonder Girl from the New DC52?
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Another Cosplay added to my sketch pad, here is the link [link]
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You went/go to Megacon?!?!?? Damn!! Next time I should go, would love to meet you and see that cosplay in person!
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Wowzers as it were.
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Rocking that Wonder Girl. Looking awesome.
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I don't know how you manage to make all the characters beautiful.
Aww, you're one of my favorite Cosplayers and I had no clue you'd be at MegaCon! Next year you should get a booth! You look stunning!
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awesome you always have awesome cosplays you go to megacon every year?
Looking good as always, Alisa. Only your Supergirl costume suits you better.
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I've never seen anyone who looked just as flattering as you do in tight red spandex

Good job <3
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