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Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl at Dragon*con 2011. :) Shot by Patrick Sun. I know I have a lot of pics as Wonder Girl now. People keep asking me to be her for every group it seems, so I have a lot of new pictures. lol.
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You look really amazing as Cassie! Good job!
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This is a great cosplay, I really like the gold accents on the top. Is that fabric outlining it? I'm sorry I'm just in a bit of a rut atm trying to figure out how to do something similar for my first cosplay and by far what you have for yours is the closest to what I want to do!
Not surprising that you have a lot of Wondef Girl images; apart from being so good looking (which, lets be honest, is just the baseline for anyone playing Wonder Girl), you also bring a certain appearance of innocence / vulnerability to the role.

You're definitely my favourite Wonder Girl !!
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aw, well thank you!
you rock her, so perfect right down to your facial features!!
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im like more you supergirl cosplay, but this is very good to!!!
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You never fail to amaze!
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Your very cute, so pulling off this look must have been incredibly easy for you.

You did a very nice job on the outfit.

And thanks for submitting this to In The Panels.


And if it's at all possible, please consider joining.
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your cosplays are the best ^_^
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And people keep asking for you because you do it so well. Costume, the looks, the right attitude for the characters. Not to mention that you're so freak'n HOT!
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Wonderful, as always.
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I like your heroic pose!!! :)
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I can definitely see people wanting you to be WG... You look like Cass come to life!! Great job as always!! :D
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One of your best!
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