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Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl at Dragon*con 2011. Shot by Patrick Sun.
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First - Yay, abs!

Secondly, I LOVE the attention to detail here. Excellenf job :)
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Unique take on the Wonder Woman look - I like your creativity.
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I love your cosplays. You have a face that totally works for comic book characters.

Would you mind if I used the poses from your photos for my art reference?
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you're perfect, and very tasty.
wow, you've got like the perfect face for her.
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really cool back ground, nice angle and the expressions great.
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Cool belt buckle! Hot girl.
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Nice Wonder Girl!
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Wow! she actually looks like her, not like most cosplay
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I'm pretty certain you could stop more than bullets.
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Even without the cosplay, you're a Wonder Girl ;)
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Wow So beautiful :) Great cosplay

Star Girl = Stargirl, of course.
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Or Sun Girl. Know her?
Sorry, wasn't sure if that was a question directed at me or whether you wanted Alisa to respond.

At any rate, I believe you're referring to the old, Marvel, blue and gold-clad heroine from the...50s? It's funny, I had to do a double check on the date because I was almost certain that she appeared sometime during the 60s (even though she has the look of a heroine from the 40s -- well, at least to me, she does).

At any rate, nice bit of obscure comic book historical reference. You don't see that many Sun Girl references nowadays. :)
There are certain heroines that you really seem to own and this is definitely one of them.

I also think you'd do an awesome Star Girl, but I digress...
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thank you :) Maybe one day. I don't know a huge amount about her
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I really like this picture, mostly because the background is blurred and you highlight.
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I love your expression of confidence, and this little smile ! It fits well the character ! Themysciran princess are positive characters !

One question : have you ever done a Star Sapphire costume ? Or a Huntress one ? You could be very well as one or the other !
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Wonder midriff!
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Rock on! So glad I got a shot this year too!
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