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Wonder Girl 2

Wonder Girl again for the Teen Titans shoot at Megacon! One of my most comfy but still very fun to wear characters. :) I'm still really happy with how the chest eagle came out. I got a bigger lasso for her too.

Shot by Patrick Sun
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You're such a gorgeous model?
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You do make a fantastic Wonder Girl^^
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You have so many costumes and they all look so good! (But you make them look so much better!)
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Can I ask where you got the Wonder Girl Wrist guards? I need a set for my Luke Cage outfit
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Amazing body!
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Best "chest eagle" ever.
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lovely! and cute little belly!
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looks awesome, the eagle did came out very nicely
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Sexiest Wonder Girl ever!
Very cute! I'll bet it's comfy for you because it's essentually just a jeans and tanktop combo, lol.
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I also think Wonder Woman should be blonde, it's much more attractive, as you suggest in your costume. Although you will be very beautiful in any situation. I enjoyed it too. S2
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You put a lot of work into your costumes, and it shows. Very nice.
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Lookin good. Let's see if you get accused of photoshopping this pic :laughing:
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haha. My favorite part was still the diagram with all the "suspicious areas" circled in red. :) Thank goodness for the block feature
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