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Wonder Girl

I love strong female characters. Wonder Girl kicks ass! She is sidekick to Wonder Woman. I made the wrist bracelets from silver scrapbooking material and used stick back red foamies to make the stars. The chest plate eagle was a bra I cut up and covered with gold lycra. I made sure it was pain stakingly accurate to my reference material. Only thing I forgot at the con was the red star earrings. Doh!
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absolutely excellent.
wonder girl cool nice hot body
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I hope this isn't a strange question but did you order that gold lycra online? I'm planning on cosplaying wonder girl myself and I was wondering if you got it at Joann's fabric or somewhere else C:
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another good one :D xx
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Your costume skills are great!
Agreed, you would make a fantastic wonder girl. great job on the costume.
i love it she is really goo
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nice and wow your stunning x
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wait...whos wonder girl???
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hope u dont take this the wrong way, but, i think im fallin in love with u!!!
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is the real Cassandra Sandsmark.
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Forgive my Kirk-like boldness, but you wanna go back to my mom's place and watch 'Dr. Who'?
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Finally..someone that thinks the way I do. We need more strong female characters. You make a kick butt Wonder Girl.
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this one turned out real nice, do you have a favorite costume out of all of the cosplay you've done?
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Hmmm that's tough! I'm really proud of the red Dawn though :)
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really, why that one so much?
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You know, if you could act (not saying you can't, I have no idea) you would be an awesome pick for Wonder Girl, should there be a movie or TV series. Great costume and great body! Good job...
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Hey, it's the truth right? I couldn't be the only person to have said that. You're welcome... have you thought about doing some "classic" comic costumes? Like those from the 40s and 50s? What about doing some costumes for World of Warcraft? Heh heh... great job and you're so cute.
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