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Teen Titans

Teen Titans at Dragon*con 2011. I am Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl. Shot by Tom Wagner.
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Yall could always uses a second Static for this maybe this year? ;)
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AWESOME!!! Love both Wonder Girls...Donna's so beautyfull.
You too beautyfull ;)
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All you guys rock!
WaltersGirl12's avatar
wow!!! this even has static shock in it!!!
spr1t3's avatar
new ones win! (plus bart)
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this is some awesoem cosplaying:clap:
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AridelaAriadne's avatar
Gaarth!!!! cute group! =)
I can't tell, are Donna's boots actually cute boots, or are they heels with boot covers? If they are boots, I want a pair! Yes, I want a pair of her boots and Static's phone number. :-P
AlisaKiss's avatar
boots, I believe
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and, I'll let him know. lol XD
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Super team shot (pun intended). I like the poses and the colors, thanks for sharing.
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Donna Troy's got nothing on you. :XD: Go Cassie/Alisa! Great looking Miss Martian too!
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And then they teamed up to stop the reboot!
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Clearly, you've not read anything from the reboot yet. Almost everything I've read has been stellar.

Det. Comics needs a new guy to write dialogue, though.
Arcalian's avatar
Clearly, I never will, either.
Arcalian's avatar
Just the opposite, actually.
althechemist5's avatar
I love how you're so open minded about new things.
Arcalian's avatar
I was "open minded" from 1989 until 2007. Then I woke up and realized there's a difference, a big difference, between a well written story and a story that handles the characters with *respect*. And that the latter is just as important, if not more important, than the former. After a while you get tired of characters being torn apart, no matter how "good" of a story it makes.

Be careful that you're not so "open minded" that your brain falls out. That's what Didio et al are counting on.
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Sure. I'll just ignore the fact that your complaint makes no sense whatsoever. Anyway, I'm done here, this is clearly a moot point.
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Thats amazing! Did everyone already know each other and plan to come as teams or was this a happy coincidence?
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