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Supergirl 1

Supergirl posing at Dragon*con 2008. First time wearing it.
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She's showing her belly button.

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It's amazing 
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beautiful costume : )
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very nicely done!
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Hey super girl looking good, This is Static talking u plan on going to Dragon COn this year be nice to meet u
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I always loved this supergirl, you did a great job of bringing her to life. You look amazing!
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Great cosplay! I miss the classic Supergirl costume, the new 52 version just isn't as good
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okay... pretty dam amazin'.
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nice job again! there are a lot of crappy costumes out there it's good that there we've gotta support the ones that actually look good. :)
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Awesomeness. :)
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'Super' job!
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Wow that's a nice pose
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you r one a hell of hot supergirl!
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Super lovely. :D
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Best (and sexyest) Supergirl cosplay EVAR!
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I like this alot, reminds me of this.

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