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Sookie Stackhouse

I put together a little Sookie Stackhouse outfit. Loving True Blood right now! Great show.

Made the apron while watching the show, and made the logo and put it on the shirt. That was the "hard" part of this outfit, getting the logo just right. lol. I wore brown contacts also.
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robogirls's avatar
you look better than her
khyriah's avatar
are you her sister? :O
Unicron9's avatar
Its great when a cosplayer does one that really fits how they look as a person, and this is s perfect example of just that. Sure you make a good enough Cammy, Red Sonja, and you look good as almost any character including your self, but this one is Sooki all the way. In fact you are probably prettier, making it better than the real deal.
Laura-Bosley's avatar
Wow you look just like the actress! ^__^
dcblackstar's avatar
oh i thought you were really sookie until ....damn
ToudouMichiyo's avatar
How did you made the logo ?
Dawitch's avatar
A little TAN on you, and you would be HER!! :wow:
BEAUTIFUL! :heart:
lawlietcookies's avatar
Amazing Sookie cosplay! You look just like her!
TimBakerFX's avatar
A perfect Sookie, you have some fun cosplays here, great work :)
acecometh's avatar
Psh. You're hotter than Anna Paquin. She should be asking you for advice on how to look super sexy.
BluDrgn426's avatar
wow, you look just like her!
Knevins's avatar
u look just like her
desness's avatar
can i be honest? look MUCH better than anna paquin!
onsens's avatar
LOL, I was just flipping through your pictures thinking "This girl would make a great Sookie." Obviously I've just discovered my psychic powers xP
Did you see the season 4 finale yet?
EclecticManiac's avatar
OMG......exact look alike!!!
TinkerrTard's avatar
LOVE THIS SHOW great look
Animangel's avatar
Damn, not only is the costume spot on, but you even have Anna's looks! :D
YokoSC's avatar
you really do look like her :P
Promise-Of-a-New-Day's avatar
wow! I Love this show and you look almost exactly like her here!!!! awsome!
TheLuridOne1885's avatar
I had to do a double take on this one.
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