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My Red Sonja costume at Megacon 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Costume made by myself. Pauldrons made from sintra scrap material (a type of plastic that can be molded when warmed up) and scale mail made from a chrome scrap booking material I found. I sewed the gloves as well so they would match the boots. Gloves are pretty difficult to sew but it was the only actual sewing I had to do on the costume at least. Hand cutting each individual scale mail piece to be a perfect circle of each the same size was the more challenging aspect of this costume. I also had the idea to carry around a severed head. I thought that would be pretty sweet to have a man's head. I couldn't find any volunteers close to the con though, so I went with a dragon's head latex Halloween mask. The sword is real and very beautiful outside it's sheath but the security guards at the convention center were no fun and wouldn't let me wield it around for some reason. lol.

Photo by Chris Shields (thank you!) [link]
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