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Face off

Heroes versus villains! Cynthia Marie as Donna Troy, Margie Cox as Wonder Woman, Fran as Cheetah, and I'll find out and credit the other two lovely villainesses soon. Taken at Dragon*con 2011.

*edit - No shop on the navel ring. just random chance
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I would love to watch this fight
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That's the only cosplay I've ever seen of the Perez Circe. She looks great.
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I just saw this!

Much love,
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Hehehe, you have a magical belly button! ;-)
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The one in the middle right, behind the character Cheetah, I think might be one version of the Emerald Sorceress.
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Awesomeness! Nice work one and all!
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I love all of you! Awesome!
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Beautiful as alwayus, and whoever came as genocide did a REALLY great job on that costume
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Thank you! I think I need to post up some photos in my Gallery...
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I suspet the villaness facing off against Donna is Circe.
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Ha you guys were on the mark with the flash of of metallic objects that day! I dig you navel ring any way but to have it flash like that is just to cute!
I'm pretty sure the one facing off against WW is Genocide, a villain that appeared during Gail Simone's run on the character. The other one I want to guess is Cheshire, but I could be wrong there.

Cool pic, BTW. :)
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Back to Front it's Genocide (that's my Cosplay), Circe and Cheetah.
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WoW! You Gals... Need to make a Youtube Video!!! :D That'd be AWESOME!!! ;)
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Wow, that's awesome.
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Fran made a GREAT Cheetah... one of my favorite villainesses of all time.

Was that glowing jewel in the navel 'shopped, or just happenstance of a flash?
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Just happened by chance. lol. No shop
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Last time the star was on Wonder Woman's belt, this time on your belly button. Now you just need a pic of the star on Donna :D
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