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Delicious Sookie

Eric and Sophie-Anne can't get enough of Sookie (me). lol.
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Yes she is! I'd like to taste more than her blood!
Jaleeni's avatar
Holy crap I never thought I'd see a cosplay of these characters. Freaking awesome!
Oh my God! You do look so much like Sookie in this photo!
MistressKurumi's avatar
We should see more Eric and Sookie photos. You make a good Sookie.
Spillsin's avatar
AWESOME!! Almost a spitting image ~ Great job all.[link]
hholbol's avatar
You all look pretty much like the characters XD it's awesome!
sansitabonita's avatar
you look great! I've read all southern vampire series XD, and I watch the TB series as well I believe you look more like the Sookie Stalkhouse of the books than the actress who's playing her roll.
Lost-Soul-21's avatar
Sorry I mean to say "cosplay".
Lost-Soul-21's avatar
Wow this costly is really spot-on. I is impressed. O.O
Tattooedmunky's avatar
It is just ridiculous, how amazing you look in EVERY costume. It must be like dating every sexy character in TV, Print, and every other media. Totally worth the closet space for the costumes ;)
shauna-7devils's avatar
You make a perfect Sookie
dead82's avatar
double nom nom attack!
HILDOOM's avatar
omg you're me hero.... i dont typically like cosply but when done right and the right characters... WIN!
YokoSC's avatar
dude all of your guys look like the real actors.
maizicourt's avatar
How did you guys do the fangs? Brilliant cosplay by the way.
batpez1138's avatar
I don't blame them, you look quite delicious!
Elven-Vampyre's avatar
Okay, This photo is amazing for multiple reasons.
A.) Your face in this photo reminds me of Anna Paquin,
B.) The lady to the right looks just like Sophie,
C.)the gentleman from that angle looks like Eric.
I say, A+ on the photo :D <3
CaliKaru13's avatar
I must say you are some cool stuff to cosplay as Sookie! I myself want to cosplay as Sophie-Anne.
DeliriumBlacktis's avatar
you look so much like sookie!!! it's unbelievable!
PowlaM's avatar
LOL you all really look like the real actors :D
MaryWesker's avatar
Haha! This is awesome!
klytae's avatar
Hate I missed seeing you as Sookie. You look a lot like Anna Paquin.
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