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Ha ha, silly face. I still like this shot. Yep, I'm off the ground. :) Now to figure out how to get a shot of a Canon Drill.

Photo by LJinto. Costume by me. Shot at Momocon 2012.
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Awesome! Great pose as well. :-)
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Unreal. You look just like that character. You're very good at cosplay in general... wish there were more who put as much effort into it as you. Outstanding!
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face isn't silly! Expression well suits the pose.
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"You can't escape my sting!" Cammy White / Street Fighter IV

You look in a really good shape wearing that oufit. Your arms look muscular actually and you look stronger than usual. =)


P.S. Do you practice Martial Arts?
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Aww, the face is sweet, not silly!
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Great cosplay and action picture
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You always look radiant and lovely, Alisa.
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Wow!!! Great shot indeed!!!
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SHOOOORYU... no wait! It's Cammy.
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Cannon drills gunna be a hard assk...Unless you can stop gravity from working for a few seconds haha.
Maybe a green screen?
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some serious photo shop mastery for the cannon drill. or a harness
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Turn camera sideways and take a picture where you could mistake the wall for the floor :P
Great action shot.
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nice shot, A cannon drill would be awsome, I'll be expecting
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as to Canon Drill... ... ... wire-fu / chambara cinema rig?
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I love that face. It's not silly at all.:love:

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