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2011 hair colors

Recently dumped the red to go back to blonde. It was fun while it lasted but I got tired of the upkeep of red and all the bleeding in the shower every time I washed. Thought it would be fun to chronicle my different hair colors this year. Went from platinum blonde and bubblegum pink to vibrant red and now to a strawberryish blonde which I think I am digging. Didn't mean for that exact color, but that's how it came out when mixed with the leftover red.

It took about 6 dye jobs to get most of the red out and was very difficult but I'm really happy because my hair did not completely fall out. lol. It's even still in relatively good condition for all the abuse I put it through! It just wasn't the same to be blonde characters with a wig on. I've always preferred not wearing wigs. Aside from the fact that I can bring back a lot of my blonde characters and not have to wear a wig now, blonde is just more me in general. I feel more like myself again. :) For those wondering, I'm a natural dark blonde. Had naturally light hair as a child and it darkened when I got older. Because I was born in the blonde family, that's why it's a bit easier for me to achieve the very light blonde, and at home. I don't go to salons. I no longer trust stylists after a few bad incidents as a teen, and I save money by doing my hair myself anyway!
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Nazi trash bag in any color.
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and you rock ALL of them
That red hair is seriously PERFECT on you!!
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You do look gorgeous, and mischievous, as a red-head though. ;)
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Kinda dig the pink. And I hate pink, but it looks good on you.
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You are one of the most beautiful women that I ever seen in my life :3
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Although I must admit, Alisa, the red strengthens the beauty of both your skin tone and eye colour. But you're gorgeous any way, always been. ^^

And, man... just because I found it funny, how now, after more or less of a decade that I've been following you (staaaaaalker! LOL) in the internet, I finally discovered your last name. XD hahahaha!
Ok, too many random facts for today. Luv ya! <3
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Im lovin the strawberry blonde but you should try goin brunette for a little
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I like the red hair the most <3 but I'm not a big fan of pink colors in hair >_<
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I vote redhead!

DEFINATELY redhead! (>^.^)>
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They all look fantastic. If you ever want to go back to red without the upkeep, you can try using natural powdered henna. Pretty much all you'll have to worry about is keeping up with your roots, as it doesn't fade or lose its luster like dye can.
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I like that color on you
I know you get this all the time but you're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. And no matter what your hair color is you're always beautiful. If you have a boyfriend he must be very lucky.
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I'm digging the Urusei Yatsura figure in the background of the left picture (6_6)
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I absolutely love the red hair. I want to be that colour. Did you do it yourself or get it done!?
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I love the pink highlights. With the blue shirt, the kinda remind me of cotton candy :)
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lol sorry. I didn't see my comment post go through the first time.
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The pink highlights look amazing. That with the blue kinda reminds me of cotton candy :)
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You're mad pretty, with any hairstyle!
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Amazing transformation. I love your new look.
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oh!you are amazingly beautifull!!))
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Oh,amazingly pretty girl:)
Thank you, Jesus!
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