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:star: COMISSION INFO :star:

Current status: OPEN

This is my procedure, please, I ask you to read everything.

1°: How can I send my request?

You can send it by email to or simply by note via DevianArt. I ask you to explain in your request which kind of image you want. In case it's a FanArt, if I don't know the character, will ask for reference. In case it's your own character, I'll ask for a good description of its characteristics, include anything you want.

2°: My Prices


:bulletgreen:one character - U$3,00 or R$5,25…

:bulletgreen:two characters - U$5,00 or R$8,75
:bulletgreen:Chibi version (SD) - U$3,00 or R$5,25

DEBUT DEAL: buying two characters the third one is free!

- Line Art

:bulletgreen:one character - U$6,00 or R$10,50
:bulletgreen:two characters - U$9,00 or R$15,75

pens(tradicional work)
:bulletgreen:one character - U$10,00 or R$17,50
:bulletgreen:two characters - U$17,00 or R$26,25

DEBUT DEAL: buying a Line Art drawing you get free shadowing!

- Colored Pencils

:bulletgreen:only the character - U$16,00 or R$25,00

:bulletgreen:charater with background - U$20,00 orR$35,00…

:bulletgreen:poster with up to 5 characters with background - U$26,00 or R$45,00

:bulletgreen:Chibi Version (SD) - U$9,00 or R$15,75

- Photoshop Painting

:bulletgreen:only the character - U$13,00 or R$20,00

:bulletgreen:character with background - U$21,00 or R$30,00

:bulletgreen:two characters with backgroud - U$23,00 or R$40,00…

:bulletgreen:poster with up to 5 characters with background - U$23,00 or R$40,00

:bulletgreen:Chibi Version (SD) - U$8,50 or R$15,00…

3°: Payment Method

As you can see, I accept payment in real or dollar ans I'm acepcting two different payment methods:

1º Paypal method: In your commission note, please include your Paypal account - when I start the commission, I will send you a money request. I will not ask for payment until I have started to work, but please, pay as soon as you can after I ask.

2°method:The money has to be deposited in the Banco Real. (a brazilian bank)

As soon as I receive your money, I will show you a unfinished sketch and you must say if you approve or not it. When   
aprhall begin working on your request by drawing a draft and showing it to you, which must be validated in order for me to draw the final image.

4°: My Conditions

:bulletred: In case I can't finish your request or if anything unexpected happens, I will give your money back.

:bulletred: The image is drawn specially for you, you have the right to publish it wherever you want, however you must give me the credits for drawing it.

:bulletred: You CAN'T sell the image I created, even if the character or idea is yours.

:bulletred: I will not sell the images I create for you, whether they are your characters or someone else's.

:bulletred: Prices are subject to change depending on the work. The prices above are a base guide. Please, keep this in mind.

:bulletred: I have the right to use the image I created for you in my portfolio.

:bulletred: In case it's your own character, I will give you the credits.

:bulletred: I have the right to refuse any request, in case I find it inapropriate.
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