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planet apple

featured here [link]

and here [link]

*i really don't like how this came out, it wasn't finished when i uploaded it, you can see it on the right side of the apple. i wasn't expecting almost 100 favs. thanks a lot :)*
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You've given me inspiration, I thank you.
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Hi! You've been featured here [link] :clap:!
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Do you have any tutorials of how you made this? T.T

I'm trying some photo manipulations as well, but I can't figure out how to make them so alive. :(
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Uhhm no, I'm sorry, I don't. But it's not that hard, actually. I've just taken a photo of the world and put it on top of the photo with the apple. After that, u just 'play' with it until it looks good.
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Yeah, but it's the "play" part that I don't get. It just doesn't look realistic. How did you get the water drops there for example? and just.. everything. the shade and everything.
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Thank you very much, that helps! ^^ Now I know how to keep those drops and details :3 <3
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well, the water drops were on the apple .. :)
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wow awsome idea :D
I hope no one will eat that apple XD lol

it's amazing
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This is just.....

Artists like you make me feel stupid for trying to make "art" :P
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oh c'mon it's not that good :blushes:
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your modesty makes me laugh. =P
AlinaZimmy's avatar
it's not that hard to do this really :P
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even if that's true, that's not what makes me love it.
It's the general idea, it's an amazing concept. =]
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Uhm....someone could eat that sooner or later....this make me feel a little sick :o

By the way, nice work!
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really cool :) good job ;)
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It would be nice if you yold a bit how you did it, is it a photomanipulation or what...

But it sure looks interesting! :D
AlinaZimmy's avatar
it's really easy
take a look here :) [link]
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Aa, right... though your work seem better done as the guys in the tutorial. : D
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not quite, mine doesn't look to good at the edges
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