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Walk on the edge
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By AliNavGo   |   Watch
Published: March 31, 2010
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Ishida Yamato:
"Walk on the edge" by Kazami Yuuto

Mamoru Hosoda's style....

Matt (c) Toei Animation
Pose & Clothes from here: [link]¤t=vougegirlhqer_1.jpg

Digimon's Character Song Series
Ishida Yamato (you're here)
Izumi Koushirou [link]
Kido Joe [link]
Tachikawa Mimi [link]
Takaishi Takeru [link]
Takenouchi Sora [link]
Yamami Hikari [link]
Yagami Taichi [link]

Crappy Art's kinda mine
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BlackAliKat's avatar
This sorta reminds me of Draco from HP :3
AliNavGo's avatar
Really? But I guess Draco wouldn't have such a nice and easygoing smile n_n
BlackAliKat's avatar
yea i guess not. but its still cute :3
Bellette's avatar
Me encató el estilo que le diste a Yamato XD
KariTBB's avatar
KariTBBStudent General Artist
That's my fav one out of all of them I think ^^ Wonderful work. Perfect title also.
AliNavGo's avatar
Out of all the characters? Mmm... mine were Kouchirou and Taichi... I really liked that characters, but never really understood Yamato: he was kinda strange.
The title is just his theme song... I was drawing him while listening to it.
Thank you so much!
KariTBB's avatar
KariTBBStudent General Artist
I never was fond of Izzy (though he was nice in 02), but Tai was a great character ^^
Oh, if you ever want to understand Matt (Yamato); let me know :D I think I know enough about him to explain - the original Yamato, at least. The producers sometimes were contradictory to themselves, but I go for the original, means the 01 Yamato.
The basic story is: Matt loves and has always has loved his little brother more than anything else in his life. When their parents divorced, Matt lost his little brother as well as this mother. That hurt him very very much. He never wanted to get hurt like that again, so he shut himself off, not letting anyone get close to him so he wouldn't lose anyone again someday.
Also, his biggest duty - in his own eyes - is protecting TK. So he tries to be strong - never crying, never showing weakness, so TK won't be worried. No matter how much Matt suffers, he tries not to show so TK will be happy and feel safe.

Of course, I don't know which sub you saw. I talk about the Japanese version. In the American one, they messed up Matt's and TK's relationship entirely, and I can't explain you Matt's personality there :/
He never called TK 'squirt' or treated him mean in the version I watched. TK was actually the only one who knew about the 'true' Matt - and also knew how much Matt loved him ^^

That's it I think. I hope I didn't get on your nerves now.

AliNavGo's avatar
That's really interesting. I watched two versions: first the american one, and then the one that they made for latin America, so I was really confused: They're really different.
Wow, that makes a lot of sense. Think I'm starting to like Yamato a bit more.
Thank you for the explanation, of course you didn't get on my nerves, the exact opposite, I usually don't get the oportunity to talk to a digimon's fan. I feel happy.
KariTBB's avatar
KariTBBStudent General Artist
Is the one for Latin America more like the Japanese, or totally different from both, the American and the Japanese one?
Aw, I'm glad to hesr that :aww: I must spread the Yamato-love...
really? :-? But there are a lot of Digimon fans on dA. there also are two big fanclubs (there are more, but those two are the huge ones), :icondigimon-adventurefc: and :iconoriginal-digimon:
AliNavGo's avatar
A bit more like the japanese, but still different. I was confused because both stories I watched were really different.
wah!!! Thanks for the clubs!!! :hug:
KariTBB's avatar
KariTBBStudent General Artist
You're welcome :D
I joined Original-Digimon a while ago, and I think they're doing really a good job. I also joined DigimonAdventure-FC the other day but... not that they're bad, I just prefer Original-Digimon :/
AliNavGo's avatar
I just joined both... really great! Thank you so much!!!
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ChelBunStudent General Artist
ahahha el estilo sobre todo!! xD
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