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Uniti salvam Rosia Montana!
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Published: September 9, 2013
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Anyone can use this avatar. The text says "United we save Roșia Montană!".

If you care what this is about, read the following. :)

We need everyone's help! So please sign this petition… and help us stop these horrible things from happening!

":bulletred:At Rosia Montana 500 millions tons of tailings ( ) will be left and 13 thousands tons of cyanide will be used annually - 13 times more than what's used in whole Europe in one year.

:bulletred:4 mountains will be blown up with dynamite in the heart of Apuseni Mountains, and there will be formed a crater that will be visible from the Moon. 150 ton camions will be used , which will have devastating effects on the environment and earth's surface.

:bulletred:Graves will be razed with bulldozers and the dead ones will be forever buried without a trace (they were all Christians).

:bulletred:Many whole localities will disappear off the map and churches will be dislocated.

:bulletred:Through evaporation of the cyanide in the atmosphere acid rains will be generated this compromising the agriculture in Romania and neighbor countries.

:bulletred:Rosia Montana is the Romanian locality that has the oldest mention in documents. Roman vestiges are there, a huge archeological heritage which prove the identity of our people, unique in Europe. The waxed plates, discovered at Rosia Montana are today fundaments of the Roman law, used in many occidental democracies.

:bulletred:Through exploitation the natural habitat will be devastated, hundreds of species (flora and fauna) will be condemned to death. The underground water could be contaminated with cyanide and people and animals who will drink water will be killed or suffer from poisoning.

:bulletred: In the Parliament it's proposed a new law of mining, which stipulates that any person who owns a private property, which has deposits in the underground, will be expropriated by the corporation, this way the property rights will be broken.

:bulletred:At Rosia Montana it's estimated a gold deposit with the value of 25 billion euros, but according to researchers the rare metals found there are 5 times more valuable, therefore the value of all metals that could be extracted there would be 125 billion euros - once and a half the external debt of Romania.

:bulletred:The Romanian state would receive a 6% profit, while in other states these exploitations made with external support were negotiated at minimum 80% for the state!"

This is a part of what is written on fliers we give to people so they know what is happening. We have to do this because the media does not support the people! They don't talk about our protests, even though thousands of people went on the streets!!! They only play adds pro-Rosia Montana Project, payed by the Gold Corp. I've heard that they signed a contract through which they are forced not to say anything against this project as long as they play these commercials payed by Gold Corp. This is horrible. It means that only people with internet access can find out about what is really happening. And in Romania that means only young people, because people who have, for example, the age of my parents (40-50) don't use internet that much. That is why most people who go on the streets are in their 20s or 30s. This is what I believe anyway. Older people watch a lot of TV and they are influenced by what they see there.

And it's not even just this project. Another one, to exploit the shale gas through hydraulic fracturing, is about to be approved too. The shale gases are all over our country. That might have even worse effects, because it uses HUGE quantities of water and most of them are in places where water is scarce anyway and will ruin the traditional economy. In one of the cities that will be affected, 8000 people went on the streets in February. I had no idea about it. :|

If these projects will be approved, once they get what they want, they will leave and we will remain with a devastated environment, messed up economy and sick people, because let's be realistic, they won't give a fuck about what happens after.

Whoever knows me knows how much I love my mountains and my ancestors. We know so little about the Dacians and many archeological sites are in the mountains and they want to destroy them just like that. I can't believe what these people want to do. If we let them blow up these mountains, others will come next. So we can't stop! We must be heard!

I really hope you live in a country where your voice is heard easily and respected! If you don't, then you know what we feel right now. If you do, imagine what it would be if the situation would be different. Please share!

Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. Don't have much time. :)
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