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Happy Easter!

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I don't usually celebrate religious holidays, but this year I started to feel like I'd like to do some traditional stuff, even if they have something to do with religion. After all, holidays are all about family and good food. :D And if we want to teach Gemma things about all religions we could very well start with the one we've been raised into. ^_^

So for Easter I decided to make a bit of traditional Romanian food: red eggs, ciorbă de miel (sour lamb soup) and cozonac ( ).

For now I only made the eggs. I used the traditional method: I dyed them using red and yellow onion leaves! :la: And I got the patters using leaves from some random plants. :D It was really fun to do and it was my first time! I used a recipe I found online. Next year I will try to improve it and get a brighter red. :D

The cozonac will be the biggest challenge as it is quite tricky to make. The soup is easy to make... lamb meat is pretty expensive though! So I will only make a little. :D

Do you use a natural method to color the eggs? Do you color eggs at all? :D In your family are there any special foods you eat on Easter?

Hugs! :love:
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I use the same method. Easy and sooo good looking :) Try red onion. We celebrate it like you-good food and family, no religion but who cares? It´s important to spend time together! :)
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I did use red onion. ^_^ Thank you! :D
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Lovely!  I did some like this, but they didn't turn out this strongly colored.  Haven't photographed them for some reason, so here is a quick pic I just took with my phone XD :…
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They still look beautiful! :D Thanks for sharing your photo! ^_^
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That's how my mom used to dye them when she was young. But when we tried to paint them this way it was a bigfailure :'D still we enjoyed doing it :p
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Why do you say it was a failure?
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You can barely see the shapes of the leaves and some left no mark at all. I think that the leaves we picked were too thin :P
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Or maybe they didn't stick well? How did you keep them on the eggs during boiling?
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I cut nylon tights and attached them around each egg with the leaves on it. So it can be that they didn't stick well too.
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Did you attached them wet? That is how I did. And then I left them in the boiling water for at least 20 minutes and some more time after I turned off the fire. :D At the beginning it looked like I am gonna fail too, but I was patient. ;P
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Sorry for my late reply :p I'm sorry but I don't really understand what do you mean by attaching them wet. :s Do I get a better result if the tights are wet when I attach them?
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Nooo, if the leaves are wet before attaching them. Because if they are wet they stick well and the colored water doesn't get under them. If your eggs got colored but the patterns didn't remain it might be because the leaves didn't stick well on them. I imagine you used fresh leaves, so the water couldn't go THROUGH them. :D
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These are really pretty. This is my favourite coloring method. The color is much better than artificial dyes.
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Thanks! :D I think so too. And you also know there is nothing harmful in them. ^_^
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Omg there so amazing happy easter
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Thank you! :la: Do you have any important holiday in this time of year?
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Nop nothing lol
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these are gorgeous! when we color eggs, it's always storebought dye tablets and a white crayon we use
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My mother always used that kind of dye too. It is such a pity how traditional ways get lost sometimes, just because they are not as "perfect" or easy/simple. I am glad not everyone forgot about them and I can participate in their revival. ^_^
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hi :aww: your piece was featured in my Finding Feel feature related to Easter :aww:
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