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Iron Angel doom eternal Samuel Hayden

Character  Samuel Hayden
Love this boyLove . (I write so for every boy lol:D (Big Grin) ). The background is completely made of wings (feathers of the blades). Looks more like a cape, not like wings. In the lower part of the wings, I did it badly ... I wanted to make the border between the right and left wings. it turned out not a good idea. Angel Symbolizes Samuel. Samuel has already met death. When the old body died, his personality and mind settled in a new body.

Люблю этого мальчикаLove . (Я пишу так для каждого мальчика лол:D (Big Grin) ). Фон полностью сделан из крыльев (перья из лезвий). Больше похож на плащ, а не на крылья. В нижней части крыльев я сделяль  плохо... Я хотела сделать границу между правым и левым крылом. оказалось не хорошая идея. Ангел Символизирует Сэмуэля. Сэмуэль уже встречал смерть. Когда старое тело умерло, его личность и разум обосновались в новом теле.

DOOM 2016,  DOOM eternal

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In retrospect, this is hilariouy accurate! xD

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Красавец, просто красавец!

"Ты же знаешь я одна, я по тебе схожу с умаааа"


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Ah yes,the same guy who keeps on telling Slayer that he can't do this thing yet Slayer still does it anyway.

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It's so cool! ❤️💣

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wow amazing work.

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Thank you very much! :huggle:

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То чувство когда приняла его за Гаусса из Варфрейма. Работа красивая и задумка хороша. Так держать!

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Загуглила о Гауссе, действительно что-то есть в твоих словах :D

Большое спасибо за приятный комментарий!

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Samuel Hayden: I am Samuel Hayden, I have traveled through beyond the realms, and have returned with most valuable knowledge.

Me: And what would that be

Samuel Hayden: The- *Roundaboute plays as “to be continued“ appears in thin air.*

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So uh, how does it feel to have *fucking called it*?

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lol did not understand your question. I wrote what to call it LOL 
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Hayden being an angel. He is pretty much unquestionably Samur Maykr, the Seraphim.

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I drew it long before the release of the game. At the expense of Seraphim lol, the first doom 2016 says that he was a scientist who was ill with brain cancer, then his brain was transferred to the frame of the robot.

I’m probably the only one who plays the game for the sake of satisfaction and does not have any hidden meanings in it. a cool robot for me that I like, I don’t need to write about the plot, please ,I did not ask about it : D

There are various forums for discussing the plot of thoughts, but not my comments, where I would like to see comments on my art ;)

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Wow you are expanding into sci-fi as well as fantasy. I read Warhammer 40k & they went into fantasy with Age if Sigmar. It works, I’ve like the books I’ve read.
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Fantastic mix of science fiction

Love it!

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Thank you very much!
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this style looks good too
Alina-Vasilyeva-97's avatar
I'm glad you like this style :D (Big Grin) 
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No matter how much angelic power he gets

He still can't stop tne doom slayer from shooting a hole in the surface of mars
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  WOW, Something happened,  this drawing is a BreakThrough...It's considerably better than anything you did up to now, So Much Quality, WOW, LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!
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