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FT: Rainbows in the Air

By Alina-chan
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The new spacial is so cute that I almost died of the sheer adorableness that are Natsu and Happy. Lucy is one lucky girl. They love her so much. <3

I didn't draw Lucy's face because I wanted to bring out Natsu's and Happy's expression more and the happiness they must have felt since Lucy joined their team. I'm not saying she's a "Lisana-replacement", although I'm sure she's the best "step-mom" Happy can wish for.

Natsu, Lucy & Happy (c) Mashima Hiro
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It's really, really cute. And like you, I almost died. I could see your point on displaying their happiness. Natsu's face already displayed that pretty well. The only thing I disliked about this is Natsu's height, isn't that a little too tall? And the plus point about this art is the great mixture of the colors. They blend perfectly. Especially the leaves, they're great. Lucy's skirt is really really cute. Now, about Happy, in my opinion, his expression is kinda weird. It's made out of pure happiness, but I don't know, I think it's because his eyes are too big. But nonetheless, IT'S AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE IT
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Wow, this is such an amazing picture and its so adorable. I do love that you tried to focus on Natsu and Happy's expressions. and the coloring is just so bright and colorful. It makes the picture look really happy and light. I also like how Natsu looks more mature than his usual goofy look. and the tree kinda looks like rainbow ice cream <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin) - :D"/>. it looks cool with all the colors falling down. overall i think you did an amazing job and i think its one of the cutest pictures of Natsu and Lucy I have ever seen. Great Job!
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Lovely.  Everyone pretty much said everything, but this is truly, truly lovely <3.
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i can feel smell of flowers.... and another ting...
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I recently watched the (i think) 51st episode and they all came after Lucy when she went to rescue her father at the trader's guild (tho he wasn't there), and that was my exact thought: they love her so much. I almost cried (for no reason really)
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I love how you have the tree that Natsu uprooted just for Lucy in that (SUPERSWEETOMIGODFANGASM) episode. It kinda gives the picture a special significance. :D
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This is so adorable and romantic I think I might die! <3 <3 <3
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God, it's GORGEOUS *__________*
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It's so light and the colors are great.
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I think it's adorable!
To be honest I don't mind that Lucy's face isn't showing. It's beautiful and pretty just the way it is :)
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NaLu is such a cute pairing! <333333
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I super super love it!!
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X3 I luv this couple so much
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Waaah! I really love your picture *o* !
Sure, Happy and Natsu seem very pleased~ and Natsu has lost his... hum... stupid face? Haha x) It's how it makes me feel when I see his smile. It's like "Hey, you always wanted to see them, well... we're together for it!"
Really good job ♥.
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I just loovvee the way you drew this, and I luv you're shading!!! Yes...and the episode with the Rainbow Sakura was one of the best...too. :happybounce:
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The shading and dimensions are magnificent! I also love his scarf and the tree! RAINBOW x3
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Dein Zeichen-style und deine Colorierungen sind sowas von toll! Ich will das auch können! *-*
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Amazing work of my favourite pair! :la:
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Love your art! I really like this picture!
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