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Only for your Birthday



Lol actually more like please download since it won't let you full view it. Just as a warning it's huge.

Happy [VERY late] Birthday to Abby aka ! :glomp::party::hug::airborne::cuddle::blowkiss:

Honestly this is sooooooooo late I feel guilty thinking about it. (Although it's kinda like your birthday has been going on for two months in thought ;P) I'm so VERY sorry for the tardiness Abby, and I'm sorry this was done in MS Paint and not the prettyful Adobe Illustrator I wish I could've used. But I hope you like it despite all of this =]

It's a lil comic (well actually the size is huge but you get the point) featuring your beloved Carson. But mainly Laura (Carson's girlfriend I don't know if you guys saw those S2 episodes yet :hmm:) with a lil' Rodney butt kicking. :giggle: I sincerely hope you find it at least a lil' funny.

Please enjoy. :thanks:

Made in: MS Paint if you didn't catch it ^^;
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God, how I laughed when reading this! Adorable. :D