Big Update
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Published: June 19, 2018
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Big Update
I wrote that I'm about to release my machine and I wake up. I started and went nicely when a major Windows update came out! Well, you've ruined everything or almost everything!
Google Chrome disappeared, only the shortcut left, so it had to be reinstalled. He did not want to open Corleone, but wrote "Windows Defended My Computer". Of course, there are even more problems, but I do not list all of them. After that, I was struggling with my computer for two days, but since I did not get it, I finally wrote on Facebook to a Help group, so if someone could help, then it would help.
Fortunately, there was someone who helped. It took less than 7 (seven) hours, helped! Of course Avirát was not even removed, with 2 unlockers yet, they are still there. (Two folders)
Afterwards, only the invalid command icons had to be reinstalled. Even one day a week will help, because there are two things you can still help.

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