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Slowly walk in the grass...


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Slowly walk in the grass
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This is awesome! One of the best paintings I have seen lately. Love it!
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! Thank6 by Alimera
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Very beautiful composition!!

5. 0. 5. 
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:heart:  What a totally engrossing Work !  It has the warm golden light of those Franzetta illustrations of Tolkien's trilogy.  It's been years since I've seen anything like it.    :eyepopping:
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Unfortunately I did not see Frazetta's illustrations for Tolkien's work! The book was published without us! I have the first edition. One of my favorite books! Many times I read it! I'm looking for Franzetta's works on the net and filling the gap! Thank you very much!
Thank6 by Alimera
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You are very welcome.  Yes, back before the trilogy was made into the movie, there was a huge demand for the books, and there were a series of wonderful calendars using their illustrations.  Maybe they will be online sometime.  :bow:
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I found quite a lot of illustrations, but mostly in black. Only a few of the color pictures!:iconiloveyouplz:
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:D  Oh !  That often makes a project more challenging, unless we get bored of working with it.  :nod:
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I do not like such illustrations, they are more embarrassed! They never fit my imaginations. Better to have a book printed just in letters than decorated with such illustrations.:love:
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Thank you my dear friend!:iconbigheartplz:
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Amazing- pls dear,enter in our contest0 you are such a great talent:iconcrazyasmyart:CRAZYasmyart
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Thank you very much!:iconcocoheartplz:
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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat  
Smiley Dork Smiley Dance Waving Smiley Smiley Girl Grin 
This work represents a purely mystical autumnal scene.
The protagonist is represented by a young man ; he seems
a young magician.
Very admirable the use of the different tonalities amber, orange, green, violet
and brown!
We notice the autumn color remarkably in the whole scene. 
The young magician stand out with excellent lighting.The tones of a fallen autumn forest reign;
Magnificent use of lights and shadows; the contrasts are great...
We see a large number of notably placed resources!!!!!!!
The forest, the cape of the young man with the hood, his walking stick and the crows ,turn
the scene in mystic.
We enjoyed showing this Fabulous work! Daisy thank youfor sharing between us!!!!!    Get Together 

                              Magnificent by Ilenush
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Thank you for the many compliments!:iconpurpleheartplz: Thank6 by Alimera
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nagyon szép munka Clap Huggle! Heart 
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Köszönöm szépen!:iconbeigerose6plz:
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