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Happy Birthday Flash Animation





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Model:143 nastiaosipovastock nastiaosipovastock.deviantart.…

Branch:2,3 passagere da……

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Music:Thranduil King of Elves
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Awwww so lovely song, work, many thanks dear Alimera.:heart: 
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Köszönöm szépen a gyönyörű képet és a dalt!  Friendship And Hug By Vafiehya-d8qnikd by 4LadyLilian   Thank You  by 4LadyLilian  
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Nagy,nagy örömmel!Remélem sok örömben lesz részed!Puszi Alimera Congratulation5   Stock Image by Alimera
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Very beautiful!
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You are most welcome 💐
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Beautiful job.=P (Razz) 
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You're very welcome.
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I'm so impressed by this multimedia composition!  The image edits are beautiful and well-done to begin with, but only enhanced by the small movements and song.

Did it take a lot of coding to get the flash player to do this?
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Thank you very much! I did not have to encrypt because I have a flash maker that has flash effects. But by choosing what effects you need and how much, what color it is, it's been a long time! Thank A4 by Alimera
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Very cool!  And you're welcome ^_^
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Wonderrful work!
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It's my birthday soon.
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I will not forget you. Thank A4 by Alimera
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Sooo Beautiful, my Dear Alimera!... I am a HUGE Fan of your Flash Animations... Sooo Unique, my Dear!... PRECIOUS!... 

         Work11a by Alimera      Purple Heart by cutecolorful   Pink Heart by cutecolorful   Purple Heart by cutecolorful  
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Darling Suzie!Very,very thanks! Thank A3 by Alimera
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    Pleasure1b by Alimera    Alimera, have a GREAT weekend!... :hug:
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