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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat 

We have noticed mostly in detail the blue aqua
coloring caught our at first glance. Since we are  great admirer of underwater photography, It draws be in like your art work. The little girl and her friend
the dolphin are the protagonists...; there is an effect 3D , at the moment the girl's hand touches the fin of the sweet creature.
We love how the fishes have a glow , which can happen from reflective water.
We haven't seen this specific underwater view before so we think originality is excellent.
The aquatic lights on the  background seems to more of an aquarium effect since they are formed in sequence going up like air bubbles from a tube.
She is an adorable little fairy...; the closure of the fish in an aquarium awakens sad feelings in her heart.
We haven't yet come across a picture like yours. Impact is excellent, since we caught our eye right away with the vivid colors and the feeling of serenity.
We are very pleased with your photo-manipulation, it is excellent.Thank You (12)  Happeh Dolphin for sharing your Art in this Group!!!!!!!!

                                              Mini Love Bubbles Blue  Fairy-Emotive-Creation by GothLyllyOn Mini Love Bubbles Blue 
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I've always been fascinated by the underwater world! It's so cool that I can admire it! I've made a few pictures on this topic and I've done it well! Thank E by Alimera
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Köszönöm szépen!:love:
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Dear Magdonla, this is fantastically beautiful . You are so talented. I love your works. Keep it up. :iconsomehugsplz:
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Thank2d by Alimera You are so cute!:iconnewhugplz:
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:iconpeter-hugplz: You are always welcome.:iconkittan-iconhug:
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Ötletes és nagyszerű! Csodaszép lett! :)
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Köszönöm szépen!Ez egy tavalyi képem,de a kis tündér még egy képen szerepel!Tudod vannak kedvenc karaktereim és kedvenc alapjaim!Ezeket többször is feldolgozom,mert mindig akad rá ötletem! Thank2d by Alimera
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Akkor hasonlóképp gondolkodunk,mert az "alkatrészeket" én is megvigyázom... :)
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Vicces!Mert néha még mindig bakizom!De sebaj,tévedni is szabad!:iconflowerplz:
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Tudod hogy szokták mondani,tévedni emberi dolog... :)
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Ja!Azt én gyakran szoktam!:iconpurpleheartplz:
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akkor nagyon ember vagy :)
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