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Fan Art Dragon Lance Laurana


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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat  
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Attractive epic fantasy.
The female protagonist is the beautiful princess elfa Laurana ...;
we remember that the dragons were an evil army; Laurana was friends with the
unicorns ...;
A golden dragon looks like autumn colors ...; but we do not remember this image.
The colors are fabulous; the resources are excellently located ...;
We admire the lights and shadows in the fantastic landscape.
The manipulation looks like for children's stories!!!!!!Daisy thank youfor sharing between us!!!!!    Get Together 
                                     Dragon Bullet - Yellow    Fan Art Dragon Lance   Laurana by Alimera Dragon Egg Peridot Dragon Egg Peridot Dragon Egg Peridot Dragon Egg Peridot Dragon Egg Peridot 

                                         Great Work by Ilenush
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Thank you very much for the praise! There were indeed evil dragons, but they were good as gold, copper, silver and bronze dragons who fought with the people! The elf was a daughtry, Major General Laurana in Palanthas! Sorry, my favorite book!
When I made the picture, the cover of the published books hovered in front of me and I made the picture in that style. Such obsessive fantasy fans like me did mean this book a lot! Thank4 by Alimera :love:
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amazing work :)
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Thank you my dear friend!:iconbigheartplz:
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Thank you dear friend and Thank you the Zesty Zebra! :iconblackcatlove-plz:
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nagyon szép munka Clap Huggle! Heart 
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...well,so beauty...
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Ah Dragon Lance :D I wont lie, I spazzed out a little when I read that; Dragon Lance is so awesome (I haven't read one in forever though). Thanks for the nostalgia, and this is a very nice fan art :)
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I'm still my favorite now! Although I have not read it for at least 3 years, but I still love it!:)
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