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Split Compliments by Alimari Split Compliments :iconalimari:Alimari 4 1
Momentos Fulcro: A Background
    Momentos Fulcro is a collaborative band composed of musicians, mixers, producers and DJs the Circuitgods (the AI entity) and Venezuelan singer, songwriter, and DJ Alexandria Arquer.
    Roughly two hundred years ago, during the frenzied peak of the "War on Terror" in the United States, the Pentagon gave the MIT and Carnegie Mellon computer science facilities ample funding to explore an artificial intelligence powerful enough to manage random, believable "enemy" attacks for training. In 2007, MIT unveiled their artificial personality, nicknamed "Abraham". Six months later, Carnegie Mellon revealed their own AI, "Sasha". This led to a period of almost unmatched military prowess in the country.
    In 2018, under threat of nuclear disarmament and dissolution of its status as country by the European Union and the Asian Coalition, the United States dismantled its military research, and abandoned both supercomputers.
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Momentos Fulcro by Alimari Momentos Fulcro :iconalimari:Alimari 0 0 Commission: Koi by Alimari
Mature content
Commission: Koi :iconalimari:Alimari 2 1
WIP - Koi Commission by Alimari
Mature content
WIP - Koi Commission :iconalimari:Alimari 0 0
mechanical clocks don't...
Love set me going like a skeleton watch:
your voice wound me up, a look pushed
the hammer struck the gear;
pretty soon we were syncopated
ticking out a rhythm.
I wind my time when I remember.
I keep its gears bared,
measuring me in taut increments:
rationing my allowances,
budgeting my attention,
counting down the wait
'til next time you and I coincide;
then I'll forget to wind, it and my faces will
Around you I forget my time, detest the reminder
we are lent hours. But I check
nearby displays in a panic--whether I make the bread line
or not, it won't stop rationing out
my piece of your company.
I pretend I can ferret the constellation of your freckles
away in a jar for a rainy day.
I pretend I can collect the softness of your voice
like a magpie obsessed with small memories.
I lie persistently while my watch scoops out the day
by centimetres,
with spoonfuls,
in medicine cups.
My watch and I know I can no more hoard
your love against your absence than
ripe fruit against the wint
:iconalimari:Alimari 196 33
the unbearable lightness of
What she really wanted takes shape in her reflections
in a face photographed that never looks like her.

She runs across town squares with dingy statues
and flitting sparrows; she finds herself
laughing within puddles, or
in dorm room mirrors, pale and
swollen and caked in cosmetic.
Locks on motel doors can be picked with rubber bands, but
sufficed for an hour of indiscretions. She was sly, shy,
stroked your stomach carefully.
She wanted the reassurance of your voice on her neck.
Fading colors flutter on the breeze that springs when
twilight conquers sunset. A short alphabet coats her
gold skin like oil, soaked into her dress. It clogs
her voice with a brief dictionary of words misunderstood.
The smell of cloud bank musings lingers on her wrists;
April is tangled in her hair
and you're still chasing Decembers.
All she wanted was the rubble of book discussions,
the leftovers of arguments concerning the usage of "sporadic"

Never mind that you two threaded promises acr
:iconalimari:Alimari 8 5
This Time Around - Epilogue by Alimari This Time Around - Epilogue :iconalimari:Alimari 6 3 This Time Around by Alimari This Time Around :iconalimari:Alimari 4 5
siembra cemento
Insisten en sembrar concreto
          y cosechar semáforos,
                                              y luego
:iconalimari:Alimari 0 1
here's a secret
here's a secret:
I need to keep losing you
over and over and over again
when I miss the sensation of your stranger's love on my ribs
or I find the spark in your dappled eyes
or we finally learn ( again ) how to kiss
I get to remember why we try.
I have given up wondering
and accepted I do not exist
                           without you;
like a foil for your character
like the flaw of the largest diamond
they've found (and fractured).
You are blood
and I'm sea water
alien substance to the other
but for that, as we dry
we taste the same:
we are the salt of the earth
each in our ways.
I will never let on
my depth of need
the violence of my wistfullness
of friendship unheeded
because s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g it out
is equivalent
to reducing the Gioconda
to paint-by-numbers
         expecting that to s
:iconalimari:Alimari 19 29
Esta nina extrana
Esta niña extraña:
                     tus párpados, sus venas delicadas
                  como raices de pestañas;
                  el olor tibio a caricias que se acurruca en tus muñecas;
                  tu voz suave, resonante, y cuando tu risa la rellena;
                  el encaje de ideas (tan callado) que se trenza
                  en tus iris, que es tu mirada tersa,
:iconalimari:Alimari 4 10
My Homeland
This is not my homeland,
but I could find it here;
because I always fall
at nine
:iconalimari:Alimari 2 2
Mi tierra
Ésta no es mi tierra,
pero pudiese serla;
porque acelero a
:iconalimari:Alimari 0 0
Commission:sybaritic banner 2 by Alimari Commission:sybaritic banner 2 :iconalimari:Alimari 1 4 Comission:sybaritic by Alimari Comission:sybaritic :iconalimari:Alimari 1 3

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What Do You Go Home To?
A wise man once asked me, "What do you go home to?"
He was a wise old man in a subway station, dust and shimmering steps toward death in the form of coughs flowing out of his pores. He was wise, and bitter because of it. He knew things he should not, seen things. And when he asked me this question, I had to wonder.
"What do you go home to...?"
It's a simple question, really, but the answer is startling. You just don't know. You go home to a wife and kids, or you go home to an empty apartment, or mom and dad by the fireplace, or maybe the roommate you never reached out to enough.
You go home to places you call home. But that never makes them home. There is nothing but memory separating home from any other bitter, cold place on this earth.
And they say home is where the heart is. But they never tell you that works both ways - the heart is where the heart was. It stands roughly four feet from the ground, floating about in any particular place that holds strong enough memory to reca
:iconshinji-complex:Shinji-Complex 2 20
mother nature by ABrito
Mature content
mother nature :iconabrito:ABrito 2,421 269
blue phoenix design by aerindreah blue phoenix design :iconaerindreah:aerindreah 16 3 Tribal Profile by bustermaximus Tribal Profile :iconbustermaximus:bustermaximus 323 66
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
I am the sheep in wolf's clothing, the rich man dressed like a panhandler. I am the end and the Pacific, the hole in the Atlantic, I am the fourth at the fork in your heart. I am the eighth to the sevens in your soul, the notes to your staff, the sharp to your flat.
I am the heat in your water, the boiling in your blood, the page to your ink, the brail to your books. I am the dust in your mouth and the tears in your pockets, I am the foundation for your home, the cross to your nail, mold to your steel, canvas to your paint, I am your clay and your light, your ideas and your life, I am the text in your bible, the rain in your veins, the water in your oceans and the sheets where you lay.
I am the eye in the dark. I am the dead in the attic. I am the wolf under the table, the primate in your spine, the reason you turn out the hall light after the bedroom. I am the reason you hold your breath walking through the door.
I am the reason you lay in the dark and not in the light. I am the lock
:iconshinji-complex:Shinji-Complex 1 3
Church of the Black Rose by Zephyri Church of the Black Rose :iconzephyri:Zephyri 7,514 1,471 Divia by liiga Divia :iconliiga:liiga 10,128 968 What's that? by DolphyDolphiana What's that? :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 4,814 1,218 portrait of a girl II by DanielaUhlig portrait of a girl II :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 5,022 439 play. by shutdown play. :iconshutdown:shutdown 1,127 327 Staring Contest by tegehel Staring Contest :icontegehel:tegehel 31,634 3,813
The Bird
"Found a bird in delta." I say.
  John doesn't stir, so I repeat.
  "Said a bird flew in. Little scrawny thing, but it got in."
  "Can't of."
  "What I thought. But it did."
  I can hear John stretch out in the bunk above me, the ancient springs groaning as his body and muscles shift across them.
  "Where's the leak?"
  "Sally's looking. Be in delta though - can't of got through a bulkhead."
  "Better not be delta two."
  I nod, because neither of us want it in delta two.
  "What sort of bird?"
  "Little scrawny bastard, don't know. Could look him up."
John swings himself off the top bunk, and sits down on the end of my bed to do his boots up.
  "Nah. Still loose?"
  "Think so."
  "Hope he gets out."
  And then we laugh, because it's just such a normal thing to think, because birds should be out, shouldn't they?
:iconholy-mecha:Holy-Mecha 132 146
Magic Hours
We spent magic hours on the dash in your car
Twirling the ribbon on the back of your head
And we spent magic hours crawling in the dark
Swirling a fountain of silver and red
We ran for days, we spent magic hours
Together alone in the pretext of lovers
Blackness and glitter on textiled sawdust
Inhaled through nostrils and seven-leaf clovers
Together in clouds we ran round the clock
And inside the sixth we pretended to care
About the ticking of clocks, the death of the hours
We spent all alone so high up in the air
And laughing, we swam along beaches at night
We spent magic hours hiding from light
Lifesaver's sweet mint and porcelain hue
And soared along rainbows till dawn destroyed you
And up on the ferris we sang to the earth
Down in the soil we baked till you soured
Into the fire and out of the furnace
Bitter we sprang from our lost magic hours
:iconshinji-complex:Shinji-Complex 2 2
dravonsleeve by lychen dravonsleeve :iconlychen:lychen 29 8
Mature content
Unfinished :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 3 12
The Lovers by thecherrybombshell The Lovers :iconthecherrybombshell:thecherrybombshell 4 7



Doy conmigo el universo entero.
Puerto Rico
Current Residence: the better part of ramblings
Favourite genre of music: Alternative.Jazz.Indie.Pop.Reggae
Skin of choice: morena, or freckled
Personal Quote: Tú eres la religión.
I haven't been around for a while, I notice. It's been a bit crazy, what with school and moving around more than a bit. I'm considering doing portrait comissions of the digital variety if there is interest in that sort of thing, to get myself back in the habit.

The pricing and timetable for it needs to be worked out, but I'm putting my feelers out there. Anyone interested?


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beautiful artwork!

you should do more :thumbsup:
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thank you!
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Congratulations on your Daily Deviation! :) I've placed a link to it in the sidebar of my journal page.
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Your poetry is beautiful.
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shadowbaha90 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2010
HiHo cuz.
How are you? Just wanted to pass by and say hi, see how you were. We havnt talked in a long time and na, solo queria saber cmo stas. You know I love you cuz ^^ jeje take care, and hey lemme know when you get back from college ^_^
Get back to me when you can if you can.
Love ya cuz take care, and sorry for everything...
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