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Avengers Movie Poster 1.2

Since concept art from Captain America and Thor next movies are revealed, I just try an attempt at an "Avengers" movie poster. Logic sequel to my last artwork. :)

Hulk by Jonas Thörnqvist.

Hope you enjoy it.
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No es Norton, es Mark Ruffallo pero esta bueno el poster. Gracias.
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why is the human torch captain america? and why is deadpool green lantern?
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Because the world is so small :lol:
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great poster though!
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Dude this is awesome! Excellent job!!!!!!!!
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Second comment :) Thought you might like to know this site is using this poster without crediting you...

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Thanks for the info.
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This is awesome! I like this dirtier version better than the modern one you made, but the cutout on the "Avengers" text looks a bit too rough around the edges.
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Thanks a lot, I like the vintage effect too, but it's true it doesn't really fit the "Avengers" universe (more the Cap's one). I noticed the cutout of the title too.. Maybe I'll fix that later.
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Good work! Congrats on getting featured at /Film! :headbang:
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Thanks, but what are you talking about, what is /Film ? :)
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/Film (or Slashfilm) is a movie news website and they featured your poster art. You can look at the article here: [link]
/Film is a movie news website. They report upcoming movie projects in the works and occasionally feature cool fan-made things. Your poster is very cool, so they decided to showcase it.

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Okay, thanks for the information :)
I guess it's a great news haha :D
Very nice! I like that version of the Hulk in the background... his head/face look better than in the last movie. Broader I think. Where did you get that image--or did you make him yourself?

Also seeing it in this light, I think the "A" needs to be bigger/wider on Cap's head for sure.

Once again, great job!
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Thanks for the comment.

The Hulk has been made by Jonas Thörnqvist. He's a little different from the Ed Norton's one, but I like both :)

The Captain America and the Thor are from officiel Marvel concept art.
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Awesome, I love how you made everything flow together. Nice touch with the grunge.
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