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MLP OC: Sparkle Storyteller

I finally decided to commit and create an OC for MLP! I have been playing with the idea for a while but couldn't decide on what exactly I wanted to do. Going with an Alicorn feels a bit cheesy and over powered, but they are absolutely my favorites! If I made a more "realistic" version I would keep her as a unicorn though. This is also pretty much my first OC for any kind of already existing franchise so I'm both hyped and nervous about what I will do with this!

I'm still trying to figure out who she exactly is and what exactly she does, but the ideas are coming slowly but steadily! <3

This is made with generalzoi's Pony Creator. I don't have a Cutie Mark file however so I had to skip that... but I would have maybe a quill and/or a d20? In case anyone knows where to make one (I'm not great at drawing myself) please do tell me!
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