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Smallville's Justice League

By alijamZz
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A drawing of the Justice League featured on Smallville.

Superman - Clark Kent (Tom Welling)
Supergirl - Kara Kent (Laura Vandervoort)
Stargirl - Courtney Whitmore (Britt Irvin)
Hawkman - Carter Hall (Michael Shanks)
Aquaman - Arthur Curry (Alan Ritchson)
Cyborg - Victor Stone (Lee Thompson Young)
Black Canary - Dinah Lance (Alaina Huffman)
Green Arrow - Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley)
Martian Manhunter - John Jones (Phil Morris)
Impulse/Flash - Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner)
Zatanna - Zatanna Zatara (Serinda Swan)
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Looks illustrtaing
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Very nice. Although sometimes I wish Smallville had a Batman. As a teenager of course. I love Batman but don't get me wrong Smallville is awesome too.

I won't deny it.
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read season 11 comics bruce is in it
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Amazing work. Any chance you have it rendered large enough for print?
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I love this. I'm really glad Chloe was not included she was my least favorite character on the Show.
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too bad Batman never made an appearance
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sweet picture it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
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awesome! faving
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Love it! I can't wait until we finally get to see Clark in the suit... And see him ACTUALLY fly!
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love it! But kind of disappointed Oracle (Chloe Sullivan/Allison Mack isn't in there)
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She isn't really part of the JLA, she does not even exist in the comics. Her Oracle hero name was created for Smallville the show purposes only.
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Chloe Sullivans first comic book appearance was in Action Comics#893 and she will most likely be in the new comic book series Smallville which is a continuation of the tv show.
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actually the oracle name wasn't made for smallville it was the hero name of barbara gordon when she was crippled
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Not sure what any of this has to do with the subject

a) in SMALLVILLE (and the deviation is titled "Smallville's Justice League") she IS part of the Justice League. Not the JLA, but we're not talking about the JLA, are we?
b) NONE of the others, with the possible exception of Supergirl, would be in Smallville.
c) Supergirl is not in the JLA either.
d) She has a buttload more screen time than ANYONE other than Clark in Smallville and is MUCH more important to anything getting done than Black Canary or Impulse, and arguably anyone else.
e) In Smallville she actually has a superpower, too. Or did, for a bit.
f) Bart Allen: also not in the JLA. He is in Young Justice, but that's a different matter.
g) Stargirl: Not even in Smallville's Justice League. She was in the Justice Society with Hawkman. There was never a statement in the show that Hawkman or Stargirl actually joined JL. I guess it could be implied, but still.

So... in the end.... wwwwwhy are these reasons to exclude Oracle?
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I think under your technicalities, you'd be beyond correct in that she should be included. I didn't even realize the title itself, so under that technicality alone she should be.

I personally don't feel she needs to be a part of it, but my reasons are not technical, they are opinionated based on her character/personality. Long story short, you're right based off of what you stated.
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well, I can understand just not liking her. That goes for half of popular comics for me >.<

Also, hopefully I wasn't too rude. I have a tendency to start out loud and hostile and not even realize it.

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Nice! Perfect balance of comic and realism. Love the characters' respective backgrounds!!
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