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Sheltie Fursuit Head

decided to keep the fursuit head! will be turning it into a fullsuit for anthrocon2015 and megaplex2015 this july!

following 3d dome eyes
resin base by :iconkeeatah:
modified resin fox bottom jaw by :icondreamvisioncreations:
minky lined ears
NFT fur on cheecks and parts of the ears
movable jaw
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3200x857px 2.3 MB
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1/15 second
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5 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 30, 1999, 12:00:00 AM
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Oh wow. I have three shelties and your anatomy is nearly spot on! I will say that from the photos it *looks* as if the sides of the head are a little too close. But it would only be wider by a centimeter or so. Other than that, very very nicely done! Do you take commissions? I'd love on done of one of my babies!
HarmonyAnitaWild's avatar
My fursona now Is a Fox Dragon hybrid but it used to be kolie and german Shepherd hybrid *somebody from distance* "NOBODY CARES!"
...... Awsome head ya got there
Is there any picture of the finished suit online?
Sinners-Saint's avatar
The fur work is stunning on this
Ascherri's avatar
my fursona is a collie mix I love this!!
Nevermore1880's avatar
Oh my god that's so beautiful! Like something you'd find in a museum :'D
Also, that asymmetric design :thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
how much would you charge for something like this.
id totally buy one yo
tirnu's avatar
Beautiful design! The eyes have such a magical look into them.
Blitzil's avatar
I want it so bad *Steals* Haha Its amazing! <3
Milostorm's avatar
FuzzButtFursuits's avatar
Can't wait to see you at Megaplex x3
MrEd301's avatar
That's a beauty!!
Full suit by Anthrocon?? Wow, better get busy!!
Com to think about it, I need to get cracking myself. A fursuit alteration, set of hand paws and a head repair are on my short list for AC..
Ceder-Wood's avatar
May I just set this is beautiful.
Zackazi's avatar
may i add some of this photo to the icon?
AlieTheKitsune's avatar
.. im not entirely sure what you mean by that but if you mean use it for an icon i prefer not ^^; sorry
Zackazi's avatar
oh i meant for the group FursuitMakers if not thats okay ;0
AlieTheKitsune's avatar
oh! yeah thats fine
Zackazi's avatar
sweet! Thanks :3
Dragons-of-Dragonica's avatar
i need ot know where you get the fur frome ;A; i live in europe and i am searching this kinda fur ;A:
AlieTheKitsune's avatar
the white fur is from its called fox fur and the NFT is from but i cant remember off the top off my head if they ship outside the US or not
wolfforce58's avatar
This is beautiful!
keeatah's avatar
If you want you can put an add for the auction here: under finished suits for sale! 
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