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Aliessa, The Gentle Growing Giantess

By Aliessa
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Who is Aliessa?

A gentle lady by heart, she works as a head chef in a restaurant, making her a strict person when it comes to important matters. However, she places a lot of importance into care and delicacy, which is also shown in the food and pastry she makes. What makes her difference than others is the fact that she is not a normal person at all. 

No one knows what happened to her, nor does she herself. Some like to claim it was an experimentation by scientists, some claim that she was abducted by aliens then dropped back to Earth, and some even say she was caught in some mojo of black magic. Although she doesn't know what causes it, she embraces it whole-heartedly and keeps her personality the same. 

You see, Aliessa tends to get into random occurances where her body just grows. She cannot predict when it occurs, but usually it has slight relations to her emotions at times. When it occurs, her body will grow to an approximate height that somehow just seems to suit her at that time. Not only that, her body somehow enhances itself during that time, making her more sensitive in order to interact with the people below, and be in more control of her strength that develops as well. This helps in giving her lots of control in what she does as a giantess, in order for her to be careful with the little ones.

Even though this random occurances of hers can be a threat to the normal people, her emphasis on being nice to others has lead to most people understanding her predicament. At most, the only threat that occurs from her is the slight destruction that may occur when her growth spurts happen, or if there is slight activites that involve a little destruction. Most of the people, including those around the world has understood whom she is, and her own kind actions have led them to trust her, no matter at what size she becomes. And most of all, they can always have a talk with her when she mysteriously turns back to normal the next day.

So if you ever wonder if being a growing girl is so much different than just a normal girl or a giantess, why don't you ask her a question? I bet she'll be nice enough to give you an answer if you're being nice about it.
A miniego page, or basically one that can be used as a reference to whom I am~

Thank you :iconsatrathai: for this lovely piece~ Will definitely commission more in the future.
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Hello Aliessa, im a tiny and new here it's very honored to meet you^^ I see many pictures of you and find you really attractive, friendly and gentle Giantess. Hope we can chat and get along *Blushes red, cover my face*
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MJ2019 Writer
That's look a really nice bipic of Aliessa. I am already in love with her. And her giantess height made her more lovable and cheerful. ^^
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MichaelofRandomHobbyist Artist
*Trying to think of some questions*
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crazycarlos08Hobbyist Filmographer
Super adorable bio of her~
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she so cute~
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FrancisJeremyXavyerStudent Writer
Love all these amazing pics!
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I literally didn't think I could adore Aliessa more. heh  most precious person ever with the best art ever 
hm.. no I actually also want to try her food, wonder if we could figure out a way to get giant food and a giant kitchen. world wide banquet from Aliessa, the most precious Chef
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The image of her as a chef shows that she's always been "gifted", but the stories of the random, sometimes disruptive but not really life threatening growth actually seems to give a story reason why her proportions often ...increase moment to moment. What if her, *ahem*, rapidly distributed softness is a sort of divine airbag to protect those who would otherwise come to grievous harm from the oncoming mass and/or any debris that might also be in her path?
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Who knows~
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the looks nice you oc
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Have you always dreamed of being big?
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Yes. Why
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I might draw her for my hug my fav giants pictures if I'm "Granted" permission
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shroduHobbyist General Artist
Gentle, eh?   Nice!~  ^w^
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Chobittsu-StudiosHobbyist General Artist
That is all.
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KellothHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok one question "can you gave me a hug, Ms Aliessa????" *w*

Have to say that the design of the girls is quite adorable, and I love the detail that once she becomes a giantess, she is more sweet and nice with the people below. She looks gorgeus on her chef suit :heart: I bet she has a lot of fans between the customers. Thanks for comish this to Satra, one of my fav artists here, seeing her doint cute and big boob ladies is a amazing surprise :love:
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Yeah. She's a lovely artist
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credechica4Student Digital Artist
shes absolutely lovely
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TheIronBrony1981Hobbyist Artist
She's cute!:iconheart3dplz:
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Jh22784 Artist
She's cute, can I hug her? :3
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Yes you can
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Jh22784 Artist
Ok I'm a little short so my face will be in her you know chest :3 *hugs her and face at her chest*
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