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San Francisco, Fireworks

A 4th of July classic, fireworks, in San Francisco over Bay...

Another one:

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thanks a lot for your comments and interest.
about how I made it:
I also made a research before going out there.
I used following conditions:
1) Tripod and cable release,
2) Manual focus,
3) Lowest ISO, 200 on my D300,
4) F8 or F11. This range was good.
5) S, 3-4 seconds. I was holding the shutter with a cable release in bulb mode (it keeps then shutter open as much as you hold it) and was either capturing the fireworks from start till they fade away or I was counting about 3-4 seconds and stopping capture.
I used a 18-200 mm Nikkor lens. I was away from the crowd and therefore used mostly around 100-150 mm. I find a spot also having the water in between fireworks and me.
Thats all. The rest was trial and error.
I also made some zoom in/out during capture but I did not really have time to look at them yet.
hope that was helpful,
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Why did I find this when I was looking for Error!Sans?
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Wow, stunning capture of the fireworks, especially with the colourful reflection in the water. Well taken photo, I love this.

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I just love how the fireworks light the sky and are reflected into the sea creating that beautiful pink!
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Fantastic!  Any many many thanks for the information on how you accomplished this!!!
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I really like this picture. Good job (:
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Hi it's lynn again.

I'm so sorry I had the wrong link in the last comment. Here's the correct link for your award. [link]

Lynn :)
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Hi, Alierturk,

Fireworks over Bay have been awarded the Puzzle Arcade's Presentation Award in the category of Miscellaneous.

Please go to the following [link] to view and pick up your award

Congratulations from
The Puzzle Arcade
Lynn :)
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I don't really care where I'm at on America's B-Day, as long as I get to see some fireworks!:love:(I ended up missing 'em this last July:()
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How Wonderful!!
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Super cool! I love it soooo much very beauitful! :XD:
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This is absolutely stunning. I am so impressed with your work in general, but this is truly an awesome shot. Keep up the fab work!
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Featured: [link] Happy 4Th Of July!! :heart: :D
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nice work
awesome fire works
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Just beautiful.
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Wow ! fantastic !
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