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Munich, Candidplatz

"Munich, Candidplatz"
Today, I went around in several Subway stations in Munich and tried make a series of photos from different Munich U-Bahn stops. Just at my second stop, at this one, Candidplatz, Subway police came to me and told me that it is not allowed to use tripods. They had some stupid explanations like "if a child hits to your tripod, she/he may fall to platform!". Puhh, I then told my more appropriate excuse " without tripod, I cannot make a good photo! ". Anyway, I left that station and continue to use the tripod whole day. Likely I did not get caught again :)

thank you very much all, for your comments and faves...

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amazing. very good
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Wow, this is beautiful!! :)
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your beautiful work is featured in my new journal...[link]
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Great photo. I like you're excuse.

I remember going through the subway in London. A guy sitting down played and sang the first few notes of a song and I thought wow this is going to be really beautiful. Then immediately the cops came up and stopped him because it wasn't allowed. Everyone's loss - no point at all.

More recently I was told to move my bicycle away from a government building - I think they thought it might have been a bomb or some such idiocy.
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Inspiring stuff!!! Good work!
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I've used a tripod in train stations many times... I think the polezi were just being assholes... lol
BTW, do you live in Munchen? I didn't realize that. I should drive down some time and we can go shooting together...
Oh! Lovely shot BTW :)
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Great photo and funny story, I had the exact same thing at a metro station once haha!
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excellent work! nice colours.
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Wow nice Abstract
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yes! rebel against the silly laws of no tripods! :D
it really paid off ;)
awesome shot :D
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Hello! I've featured your beautiful photograph here: [link] :D
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excellent work
great colors
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a very good photo you made!:D Here in Singapore, they don't let you take pics at train stations, with or without tripods... still sneak in a few shots though!!!:P
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:iconbravoplz: so similar to this one [link] great colors you have though!!
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Oh, i've been there, but i haven't seen it that way. That's the magic of photography :)
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Fantastic idea about the use of long exposure!!! Nice job!!!
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You are so awesome, this shot is so awesome!!
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I will have to spend more time in U-Bahn stations, that's for sure. Great shot!
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