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China, Li River

Li River at Yangshuo, China, taken on a bamboo boat...

Did you notice the faces?
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Such balance & contrast in your beautiful images Zodimotes - Libra Thank You Proud to Serve X
XxParanoidAndroidxX's avatar
some of your photos make me envy you. And that's just not right. haha but please take it as a compliment. 
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This is so beautiful. :-)
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This is sucha a beautiful shot!
Haha I think it'd be even prettier if the all of the sun and clouds are captured.
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amazing photo:D
Nin10dohgirl's avatar
Taken on a bamboo boat?? Dunno what that means, but you are SO lucky, getting to travel the world!:love:
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The mountains over there are so unique. ^^
Jim-Zombie's avatar
Wow. The moment couldn't have been much better to capture the scene here. Fantastic lighting conditions on some very interesting terrain. Hills and mountains often look like faces - yeah I see them ;)
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Oh whoa! Well done!
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this has to be one of the most gorgeous photographs i have ever seen in my life! :la: :la: :la:
the mountains and water reflections are absolutely perfect!!! :happybounce:
may i please do a painting of this? i'll give you credits of course :love:
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haha this picture is even better than the one on the chinese twenty-kuai bill :D
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This is fantastic ! _^_
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Beautiful shot of China's classic southern landscapes.
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this has caught my eye WOW!! I'm in love
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The mountains look almost like they're made of water. :D
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This is stunning!
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