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California, The killer wave

By alierturk
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This shot may cost me my iphone 4S, if Apple does not replace it, and my D300 body if the service cannot repair...With a photographer friend, we were shooting the waves and surfers from top of a rock close to this view. A big wave like in the photo came and knocked us both out. My friend went down from the rock and lost his Canon 7D and 100-400 mm lens in the water...Luckily we did not get injured or died there...

That was a great lesson. To be adventurist is cool and sometimes necessary to make good shots, but one should really pay attention to security issues.

p.s. place the camera strap alway around the neck even if it is on a tripod. I save my camera and lens at least from getting lost in the water but my friend could not because he did not have the strap secured...

p.s.s. Apple gave me a free replacement :) they were nice...And I paid $320 to Nikon to fix my D300, which is better than buying a new camera :)

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Hello! :)
You’ve been featured here for your beautiful work!…
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This is an amazing shot.
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Wow, this shot is fantastic; the timing was perfect. I really like the blues and greens that make up the wave and the overall composition of the photo. Great job!
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While this shot might not have been worth the $320 you paid to Nikon, I'd say it's a close call, because this is as beautiful as a wave can get!
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The nature will let you to take advantage of itself... but then, you have to pay for it. Gosh, what a wonderful shot! Congrat and keep save.
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Hi! :wave:

Your beautiful work has been featured in my journal here: [link] :heart:

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Can i please use this beautiful shot for a manip??.
Of course i will give you credit :) ^^
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thnx a lot :D ^^.
I will send you the link when it's done :D ^^
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Well it's a great shot, but not worth getting hurt! Always, always, always, respect the power of the ocean! In the Pacific, every 7th wave is the "big" one. We used to count and wait for it to catch the best waves to body surf in So. Cal. But the rocky coast is treacherous and am so glad that you and your friend weren't injured. A bit of an expensive lesson though. On the bright side, I just love the green of the central swirl and I can feel the swell of the water in the foreground while the breaker thunders into the shore.
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thanks for the info. yes, we learnt the lesson :)
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Obviously, the hard way. Anyway, enjoy the SF area. Try getting out to the hills in the east bay (Mt. Diablo state park for example) and shotting the golden hills. They will look like beige velvet this time of year.
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nevertheless, its an amazing shot --- but we dont want to lose you either!!!!!
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:wave: Hi! I featured this deviation in my journal today --> [link]
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You are just Awsome! love your work!

Check out my art!
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Fantastic shot. Great picture !
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