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Star Wars Alliance pilot Ardana Cinn by supparider



Newest commission by :iconsuppa-rider:
His style is addictive!! just can't stop asking him commissions!

do I have to explain where this one came from?! well, it's a Twi'lek, because I love Twi'leks! its a «new» character, Ardana Cinn, she is a Pilot (see bio below!), and you've certainly recognize the design?
it's from the Jaina's statue of course. I cant buy all the stuff I'd like, mostly because of money (dont tell me to stop spending on commissions!) but also of space, dont have much space for statues. I have my share of them and they're enough!

so anyway, doesnt she looks extra cool! Super detailed, and he even made holes in the helmet for her lekkus, seriously I hadnt tought of that one, it wasnt in the description I sent him. so thats very toughtful of him!
now I dont know if the design works, I suppose it could, either way, the whole piece is awesome, so I dont really care if thats possible or not, since I hadnt tought of that helmet design when I asked the commission!

From Wookieepedia :
«Ardana Cinn was a female Twi'lek. During the Galactic Civil War she became a pilot for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, where she scored the highest amongst her fellow pilots in flight simulations. She performed with enough skill and was deemed trustworthy enough to be selected by Leia Organa to be part of a team to uncover a mole within the Alliance. The team worked entirely off the books, with only Mon Mothma knowing of their existence outside of the team's members. As well as discovering the mole they were also tasked with finding a suitable planet on which the Alliance could set up a new base.»
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Awsome . Keep it up