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Karen Spangler
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United States

Welcome to my page!

The Itch by Aliennor Printless Through the Snow by Aliennor

Artist's Statement
Stylistically, I gain inspiration from classic illustrators like Michael Whelan, Wesley Dennis, C.W. Anderson, Ruth Sanderson, and Sam Savitt. I also hold a deep admiration for the Hudson River Valley School, a mid 19th-century American art movement heavily influenced by European Romanticism and American transcendentalism. Of these, my favorite painters are Thomas Moran, Alfred Bierstadt, Asher Brown Durand, Frederic Edwin Church, Thomas Cole, and Frederic Remington. I also love paintings by Charles Russel.

On DeviantArt, my gallery centers mostly around painting and drawing horses. My primary medium is digital: a Wacom Intuos Pro, a 15" MacBook Pro, and Adobe Photoshop CC. Outside of the digital world, I use pencil and ink.

Commission Terms of Service
My HARPG Stable Facts
Anyone who has been watching my account closely these past few weeks have likely guessed that I'm in the middle of developing a rather interesting little herd of Nordies with glowy skeletal markings. *shrugs helplessly* It's shameless, I know, but I've really fallen in love with this mutation! As part of this project, I'd like to add an unrelated, recessive ortho horse to the herd, which means I'll need a slot to one of the other Orthos out there unrelated to Balthazar

So, you people who have dom orthos... I'm low on funds and cash, but I can trade good quality art (I'm always willing to trade art!), or I can trade slots with one of my Orthos so you can breed another as well. Here's what I have to offer as far as slots.

1031 Balthazar by Aliennor He has one slot left (I am working to unlock the next 10, so I'm not upset trading his last current one)

A6166 Apollyon by Aliennor Has several slots left. Related to Balthazar and Fragment. Under the pumpkin, he's a very lovely grullo like his dam.

A6203 Belladonna by Aliennor Recessive mare, but also carries nGlm and nCrv. Related only to Balthazar. Several slots available. 

A6199 Smilodon by Aliennor Another recessive mare, but also carries nCd. Related to Balthazar, Fragment, and Nebula (all Queen's Generals!).  Several slots available. 

Let me know if you're interested in doing an art/slot trade! 



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Merry Christmas! :D

Spread the Christmas Joy.... 
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Holiday Greetings From The Orthos by Leigh-Fleur
Happy Holidays!!!
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