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* aka. questionable space station that may or may not be run by pirates

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Hel and Javik in London (ver2) by HelavisKrew
ADOPTABLE OPEN : METALALIEN#2 [Auction][paypal] by Smileykitty0w0
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Light Fernan and Dark Flyla by AlienGryphon
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Skydrops by Abiogenisis
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EUTS - Underground Trouble by Lady-Owl
PRACTICE #3 | Final #1 by JupiterGrace
Children of the End by upsidedowncat
Delorix Zoologist Studying a Herd by Selkra
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Masaka [March 2020] by Selkra
Lightspeed Food by The-Second-Brother
Mollusc Alien: Dex - Collaboration Art with Jasmo by Fiji-Fujii
Mollusc Alien: Ikyo - Collaboration Art with Jasmo by Fiji-Fujii
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Hello all you aliens, I'm sure by now a lot of you have noticed the group kinda fell into disrepair and inactivity. We certainly didn't mean for that to happen! Life and all that kinda snatched all of us up. We apologize for the gears grinding to a halt.

I'd like to get the group going again, whether by just getting art going into it again or by doing some old hecking activities that some of you might remember. Like when we would host drawing sessions, or maybe even some sort of Alien-Exhange?

I'll also be reviewing old rules and making a new journal with them clearly listed & that good jazz since it's been a hot second.


Since we're back to being a good old vanilla basic group, I'll be revising the admin list and allowing some more wiggle room when it comes to accepting art and suggesting things in the admin forum.

I'll also be taking in a few admins for this if anyone is interested? I just ask that you draw aliens or have some vague passion for them. Leave a comment below if you'd like to give us a hand to get this group steered away from the black hole of inactivity.


Do you guys have any suggestions if you'd like the group to do any events? I know other groups host contests, art exchanges, raffles, etc. Some groups have discord servers even? Like mentioned before, we used to do group drawing sessions and want to know if that might be something to revive? We would be using [ DrawPile ]

Curious if that would interest anyone here 👌 let us know! I think some of that would be fun.


I'll be taking a look at the old rules some older admins & I had made and revising them a bit. I was considering a folder for specific video game jazz, IE. Destiny/Warframe ? Or hearing any comments about the rules if anyone has them.

However, I don't plan on removing the rule that "humans" are not allowed to be submitted because the group is for aliens. Another reason I hesitate on those specific game folders, they're all humans in the end. Darn humans.

I hope ya'll haven't abandoned this group entirely and hope to hear from some members! Either way we'll be moving forward with giving the group a tiny update and getting it back to functioning.

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