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Tomb Raider Card Design


This is my entry for Tomb Raider Empire Card Design Contest held by :icontomb-raider-empire:

I’ve been playing the first Tomb Raider game lately. So when the contest was announced I simply had to do Tomb Raider Gold edition collection cards! Each card has a small logo under it~ For Peru it’s a cog wheel, for Greece an omega sign, Egypt an ankh and the eye of horus and the pyramid key for Atlantis. 

I hope I managed to capture some on those magical moments that cemented the Tomb Raider game as a classic and launched the golden age of TR games. There is a special atmosphere is the first game that you just can’t compare to many other games.

Made using pencils, watercolor pencils and acrylic paint on watercolor paper. Each card measures about 17x10cm :)

Get Winston to get your dual pistols and motorcycle ready and head over here to discover the secret of the cards! 

Card 1:
Location; Peru. Lara’s fight with Larson.

I wanted a card with an enemy, and decided to make it Larson.  He got Lara’s attention in the end poor guy… careful what you wish for.. The logo is of course a cog wheel~ 

Reference:… by :iconkristinkk:

Card 2:
Location; Greece. Mida’s hand.

 Probably one of the most famous moments in the game, and I always have to jump on that hand when I play the level. Don’t we all??… by :iconsenshistock:… by  :iconkristinkk:

Card 3:
Location; Egypt. The Sphinx.

The incredible space achieved in the Egypt levels makes it an amazing experience to play! The sphinx is one of my favorite details in TR 1 and anniversary so it was a must for a card.

Reference:… by :iconsenshistock:


Card 4:
Location; Egypt. Hieroglyhics.

I absolutely love the Egypt levels so I had to do another card for them.. While playing Anniversary I usually take some time to just walk around just studying the beautiful details of the walls and columns in the Egypt levels… such beauty, but also a very eerie feeling. It’s the perfect mix!  Make sure to discover the extra secret in this one~ ;)

Reference:… by :icontanyacroft:


Card 5:
Location; Atlantis. The queen of Atlantis.

This is my version of Natla. Looks like she’s feeling pretty smug about acquiring those scion pieces, good thing Lara is ready to blast her to oblivion!

Reference:… by :iconsenshistock:

Hope you like them! :D :la:

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Wow these details in the fourth card ! :wow: Amazing ! Good luck ! :la:
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Thank you!!! good luck to you as well! :D pop into my gallery to see the cards secret as well! and make sure you look for the extra secret in the fourth card ;) 
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Amaizing work ! Stupendous colouring =)
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Thank you very much! :D it was a lot of fun to make! ^_^