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This ends... RIGHT NOW

This time I'm trying something more "sketchy", chaotic and messy
Nothing special, but actually I like this style better than my "clean" works, maybe it's because of this richer looking contours

Trunks (c) Akira Toriyama

Art by ~Alienlina
created in Paint Tool SAI :peace:

full here
Trunks by Alienlina
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© 2018 - 2021 Alienlina
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he looks awesome senpai <3

This style gives dynamics and fits perfect for his stance x3

I hope to see more of this, but I also love your clean versions :love:
Alienlina's avatar
Thank you very much, Soni-chan (☆ω☆) ❤️
Will be more or course :D
LepreKubek's avatar
Freezer ma przesrane...
Ten art jest świetny... gama kolorystyczna, cieniowanie... kocham :heart:
Do favsów jak nic :D
Alienlina's avatar
Dobrze powiedziane z Freezerem xD
Dzięki :>
pewternatural's avatar
The sketchy style also has a certain amount of dynamism to it. Even though it's just Trunks standing, it feels like power is rushing through him.
Alienlina's avatar
Agree, I think the same :)
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Oh, now this looks good. I love it! Nice work, indeed! The whole "sketchy" look gives a fitting vibe, I would say, and you perfectly captured the expression of Trunks' rage and power. Job well done! I definitely wouldn't mind seeing this style put to use on Kefla/Caulifla, sometime in the future. Keep up the truly fantastic work, and best of luck in your endeavors, regardless. :)
Alienlina's avatar
Thank you very much! I'll definitely try this style on Kefla/Caulifla :)
lettup's avatar
Sounds good to me. I bet it'll look magnificent!

I'll be looking forward to seeing it; especially if you might throw Cabba into the mix alongside Caulifla, sometime! Best of luck in your endeavors, all the same. ^^
Alienlina's avatar
Thanks to you, I've got an idea for this drawing: there will be Cabba, Caulifla and Kale, a pretty funny one, but I don't want to tell too much. Otherwise, there won't be any surprise :D
lettup's avatar
No worries. Sounds fun! I'll be looking forward to seeing it! Best of luck.
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