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the hulk and bruce bunny



Sunday is now Bunday, ya know? I wanted to have more things to post on my first Bunday (I’m totally making it a thing now), but alas, I got distracted.

Anyway, have The Hulk and Bruce Bunny, er BANNER. Why? I have no earthly idea. Because rabbits look goddamn demonic when they yawn? Sure.

Should Avengers bunnies be a thing?

(And apologies for bad typography. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I need to be punched.)

Other Bunday Avengers:
Captain America / [link]
Tony and Pepper / [link]
Thor and Loki / [link]
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You wippersnapers wouldn't know this, but there IS a Marvel character called HULK BUNNY. It was a self satire series in the 80's that was built upon the success of Howard the Duck. The other heroes were a variety of barnyard critters. There was Weeviline, a bug with adamantium claws; Iron Mouse, aka Tiny Stark, to name a few. Disney XD recently revived the most popular SPIDER HAM. I love connecting with my nephews in ways like this.