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I'm moving again lol
for like
the 3rd time 

Follow if you want:
Attack me, and I'll most likely attack back ^^

[Heart] i will be playing artfight this year
[  ] this is my first artfight
[Heart] i found out about it through dA
[ ] i go slow and steady throughout the month
[Heart] i go hard and burnout quickly
[ ] my profile is decorated
[Heart] i am part of the artfight discord
[ ] i have posted mature filter art (nips&gore)
[Heart ] artfight is the highlight of my summer
[Heart ] i do friendly fire

[Heart] i fought for team sun/moon
[Heart] i fought for team magic/technology
[  ] i fought for team monochrome/color
[Heart] i have won artfight before
[  ] i played when it was on their old website/forums
[Heart] my user number is less than 1000

[Heart] i play because i enjoy the competition
[Heart] i play because i want free art
[Heart] i play because i want to improve
[Heart] i play because i want to give free art
[Heart ] i play for another reason: ITS JUST A COOL CONCEPT??


[ ] i have 50+ followers on artfight
[Heart ] i have made 10+ attacks 
[  ] i have made 50+ attacks 
[ ] i have received 10+ attacks (I'm at 9 lol)
[ ] i have received 50+ attacks
[ ] i have uploaded 10+ characters
[ ] i have hidden characters
[Heart] i have over 200 points total (126.23)
[/] i revenge every attack i receive (I try to)

total = 17.5/30