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A Curse of Friday the 13th, The Very First Day, Part 3
Friday the 13th, 8:07 a.m.

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Sitting in her car jammed between two large trucks, Julie felt that she was something like a filling in a highway sandwich. Although she had been driving for more than an hour, she was only in the middle of her way. The road, on which she was, looked like a serpentine, as it kept going up the hills and then it didn't stop coming down the valleys, moreover the traffic was pretty busy, giving her no chance for any overtaking. Suddenly, her mobile phone started ringing the tune of her favourite pop song. She looked at the display. It was her law firm secretary Samantha calling her from the office.

'Hello, Samantha,' Julie greeted her, answering the call.

'Hi, Julie. Are you still at home? No, no, I can hear you're already on the way to..., oh, my God. I... I... can’t figure out how to tell you… It’s unbelievable… It’s so important and I'm so nervous,' Samantha sputtered with one breath.

'Tell me, I can’t catch at all what you mean,' Julie said, confused by Samantha's words, really not knowing why she gave her a buzz in such an early hour.

'Julie, listen to me, please,' she almost cried. 'Stop and come back home, right now! Turn around and go back, wherever you are. Please, just come back, stay at home and close the doors all day. I swear, it's incredibly important! I've found something on the internet. You won't believe it. Nilrem’s sister is a...'

And her words faded away as the line was suddenly interrupted. Maybe did Samantha put it down? Julie looked at the device: the phone had no signal since the car entered a tunnel. Julie was anxious as she couldn't call her back. What could be such an important issue? It didn't matter. Without causing an accident, Julie wasn't able to turn around because of the busy traffic. Maybe, there would be an opportunity to do a U-turn at the first junction a few miles ahead, she thought.

After leaving the tunnel, Julie was driving in the bright morning sunshine again. By chance, all of a sudden, she noticed a black cat sitting calmly in the dewy grass on the right roadside. The animal was watching the traffic; perhaps waiting for a right time to cross the road. Unfortunately the mouser chose the very opportunity for putting its legs on the road in front of Julie’s car. Julie was an animal lover and that cat looked alike a cat she had had in her childhood. She had named her kitten Blackie because of the dark colour of the fur. Recalling her pet, right now, she didn't want to kill this "Blackie" even if this black cat wasn't her Blackie from the past.

To save the cat, Julie quickly stepped on the brake, winning a pair of seconds for the cat to cross the road. "Blackie" missed becoming a flat cat, and skittering across the road it had enough luck to cross the oncoming lane as well. Julie watched it running in the grass of the trench over the other lanes. She smiled as she felt she gave back one life to a cat with seven lives.

But her smile had disappeared, and her mind got filled with scare as she looked into the rear view mirror which was already occupied by the reflector lights of a truck tailgating her car. She supposed that she had really made the biggest mistake of her life. It wasn't about forgetting to supervise her junior a month ago. No, not at all. She already realised that she shouldn't have braked hard and suddenly on a busy road.

The truck kept coming closer and closer, and Julie’s car wasn't fast enough after that big braking. After making a creepy noise, when the multi-ton truck crashed her car, and she felt like being pushed forward then pulled back by hundreds of strong hands. Instinctively, she didn't stop stepping on the brake, and hearing a creaking noise, she was sure that the truck driver was doing the same. However, there was a little point in doing so, since the heavy vehicle needed a long distance to halt. The law of physics was much stronger than Julie’s faint wish to stop. Looking into the mirror, she was terrified again, when noticing as her car boot had almost disappeared because the truck was so close to her seat.

For a short moment Julie was happy to survive the accident unharmed. But the relief come too early, when she found out that the truck was pushing her car not straightforward but more and more to the left, pressing her vehicle into the oncoming lane. Into the busy traffic. Holding the steering wheel firmly, she tried to steer back to the right but it didn't work. She had no good choice left to choose from. On the right side of the road was a steep rock wall, to the left there was a valley which she couldn't see its bottom. She had to stay in the road whatever would happen, or else she would die.

The truck kept slowing but its thrust was still strong enough to give a final blow for her: it pushed her car against a speeding SUV. Strangely enough, Julie watched the scene through the eyes of an outsider. The time slowed down, fallen to only frozen frames one after the other. For a split of a second, Julie could see the pale face of a middle-aged businessman with brown hair whose huge and heavy car smashed her middle-sized passenger car. The other driver as well as Julie failed to avoid the crash.

The airbag opened but it couldn't protect her legs. She felt as if her feet had been bitten by a hungry shark. She was shocked by the injuries and then she fainted.

to be continued

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Story summary: Having made a millon-dollar mistake, the young attorney Julie Warden is cursed. Her Friday the 13th is full of an accident series. After every mishap her plaster casts get bigger and bigger. And there's so much time to Midnight. Gallery folder of this story

Table of content: Part 1: story, Part 2: story, Part 3: accident, Part 4: accident, Part 5: accident, Part 6: cast, Part 7: cast, accident, Part 8: cast, Part 9: cast, accident, Part 10: cast, Part 11: accident, Part 12: story, Part 13: cast, Part 14: cast, Part 15: cast

A reader's view: "This story is seriously awesome!! loved reading it! Nice work!" (comment by clairebroke)

Personal note
this was my very first story. Some kind of black comedy inspired by the fascinating stories of (Unfortunately this site was shut down a couple of years ago.) Being a first story, it's written in a clumsy style, so please, concentrate not on the style but its content only (and, of course, on the plaster casts)!

Stories of this series: Day 1 --> Day 2 --> Day 3 --> Day 4

Acknowledgement: I'd like to thank Sharkycast for his kind help as he spent his precious time to correct my mistakes (of the original version)

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P.S.1.: I'm not a native English, so if you find any mistakes in the text of the stories, please feel free to mention here or to send me a private Note. Thanks.
P.S.2.: I would be very grateful, if you would find inspirations in my stories to create a picture or to draw illustrations for me.

P.S.3.: Please let me know what you think about the story. Write a comment or leave your review here. I need your feedback. This is my fuel.

Stats: length: 974 words, estimated reading time: 3 min 53 sec.
Last modified: 5th November, 2015
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