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A Curse of Friday the 13th, The Very First Day, Part 2
Friday the 13th, 6:25 a.m.

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Woken by her dream, Julie got up earlier than usual. No, it wasn’t a nightmare. Just the opposite. It was a reoccurring dream in which she recalled again the conversation she had had with Mr Nilrem a month ago. Oh, that scene at the law firm had been really strange, moreover rather weird. And his words... talking about a mysterious surprise for Friday the 13th. And today was that very day.

Enjoying an almost never-ending free-time without angry clients...

Sitting on the bed, Julie wasn’t calm, since she could hardly wait for puzzling out what Mr Nilrem’s present would be. She shook her head. It had really no sense to give someone a luxury holiday as a reward for a five-million-dollar mistake. But what anything else could his sentences mean? Maybe, Mr Nilrem would be flirting with her? Oh, no, of course, she would reject him, even if she would be fired. She wouldn’t sacrifice her marriage for keeping a damn job.

But, if Mr Nilrem wanted to make love with her, why would he wait for a month? Why is Friday the 13th so important for him?

Served by nice and kind people who will be ready to fulfil any of my wishes in every second of the day and night...

That must mean lying on the sandy beach by seashore, doing some sunbathing... Handsome waiters would give her fine cocktails... 'As long as you can’t even imagine...' For how long? For two or three weeks? A weekend would be so short... Mr Nilrem must have a private island in the Caribbean, mustn’t he?

Doing nothing, just lying there and relaxing...

Shaking her head, Julie stopped daydreaming. Silently, she got up without waking up her husband. Having got dressed to make her morning one-mile run, she left home. She needed for some sport to have a fresh mind for a serious negotiation arranged for this afternoon. After some minutes she came back, still panting, and then she took a shower and changed clothes.

To make her look serious enough for a business meeting, she chose a pair of glasses with black frame. Entering the bedroom, her husband Mike was already awake and he greeted her:

'Isn’t it too early, honey? It's nearly midnight.'

You, silly,’ she smiled. ‘It’s almost seven in the morning. There’s an important new client in the neighbouring town. Last night I told you something about it. Did you forget everything?' she smiled.

'Oooh, for sure! Have a nice drive,' Mike said, turning back and he tried to sleep again.

'Thank you, cowboy,' Julie wasn't angry. She thought that it was Mike’s usual morning joke.

Before leaving, she would have liked to say goodbye to Mike, so she returned to the bedroom, once again.

'I’m leaving... I’ll be home by six in the evening.'

'Bye...,' Mike said, half sleeping without flashing a glance at Julie in her dark dress, holding a folder.

Just to be sure, Julie stopped in the living room, and she checked her incoming e-mails as well as the letter box, too, on the main door but she didn’t find either any invitation letters for holiday or any flight tickets. She was a little bit disappointed, since it seemed that Mr Nilrem had changed his mind. So there wouldn’t be any occasion for her to test her loyalty to Mike. However, playing with the car keys, she felt that Friday the 13th wouldn’t be a bad day.

to be continued

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Story summary: Having made a millon-dollar mistake, the young attorney Julie Warden is cursed. Her Friday the 13th is full of an accident series. After every mishap her plaster casts get bigger and bigger. And there's so much time to Midnight. Gallery folder of this story

Table of content: Part 1: story, Part 2: story, Part 3: accident, Part 4: accident, Part 5: accident, Part 6: cast, Part 7: cast, accident, Part 8: cast, Part 9: cast, accident, Part 10: cast, Part 11: accident, Part 12: story, Part 13: cast, Part 14: cast, Part 15: cast

A reader's view: "This story is seriously awesome!! loved reading it! Nice work!" (comment by clairebroke)

Personal note
this was my very first story. Some kind of black comedy inspired by the fascinating stories of (Unfortunately this site was shut down a couple of years ago.) Being a first story, it's written in a clumsy style, so please, concentrate not on the style but its content only (and, of course, on the plaster casts)!

Stories of this series: Day 1 --> Day 2 --> Day 3 --> Day 4

Acknowledgement: I'd like to thank Sharkycast for his kind help as he spent his precious time to correct my mistakes (of the original version)

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P.S.1.: I'm not a native English, so if you find any mistakes in the text of the stories, please feel free to mention here or to send me a private Note. Thanks.
P.S.2.: I would be very grateful, if you would find inspirations in my stories to create a picture or to draw illustrations for me.

P.S.3.: Please let me know what you think about the story. Write a comment or leave your review here. I need your feedback. This is my fuel.

Stats: length: 574 words, estimated reading time: 2 min 17 sec.
Last modified: 3rd November, 2015
aliencaster Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's is just a short prologue to start the day of Friday the 13th.
Something will happen soon, I promise :-)
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